24 Super gorgeous ombré nails trends of 2022

24 Super gorgeous ombré nails trends of 2022
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Most of us absolutely looove nail manicures – and why not? They are cool, fun, chic, and bold. Plus, there is a trendy, eye-catching, and beautiful nail design for all personality types, skin tones, nail shapes, and zodiac signs – you can choose a subtle pastel nail polish or bright colors. However, it truly can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming simply because of a wide range of choices. If you feel so, worry not – ombré nails are most definitely your new best friend!

Basically, unlike other types of nail designs, an ombré manicure look is easy, simple, and seamless. Besides, you can smartly add your twist to elevate your nails and take them up a notch. Wait, there is more – if you want to DIY the look at home, all you need are two nail polish shades (your favorite colors) and a blending sponge (yes, like the one you use as a makeup sponge).

Are you looking for the best and trendiest ombré nail art – something that you can comfortably create at home, OR you can ask your local nail salon to skilfully uplift your nail game? If you nodded, this post is the perfect solution for you! Save this super chic collection of 20 gorgeous ombré nail art designs, and glamorize your boring nails!

What are ombré nails?


Let us start by understanding what ombré nails are and whether they are even worth the hype. So, ombré nails are a change-up (or an upgrade) from a single nail polish color to softer gradients of your favorite colors. You can go two ways while deciding on an ombré nail art – either select distinct nail colors OR select different shades of just one nail polish. Can you imagine the result? A sexy manicure that smoothly fills the gap between a run-of-the-mill nail polish job and full-blown overboard nail art.

Wait, do you know the best part? It is quite easy to DIY at home if you do not feel like heading to the salon or merely do not have the time to book an appointment. Also, ombré nail colors are the ideal solution to chase away the monotonous blues while allowing you to play with your favorite colors without making your nails look disastrous.

24 super gorgeous ombré nails trends of 2022

Below is the latest trending collection of ombré nail designs that will suit any nail type, skin tone, and personality. All you need to do is pick your favorite nail color and refer to these designs! OR best – get creative and share your stunning creation with us!

Hello, beautiful nails!

1. Pretty pink ombré nails


Your manicure is surely incomplete if you do not opt for shades of pink. From baby pink to sexy hot pink, the choices are definitely maximum when pink nail color comes to mind! You can achieve the cutest feminine nail design by combining pink with your favorite nail color. Plus, there are several ways to get an ombré effect, including French tips, horizontal effect, faded effect, vertical effect, half-and-half, etc.

2. Lavender/Lilac/Purple ombré nails


The shades of purple do have a touch of calmness and royalty to them. Purple ombré nail design speaks highly about your individuality and persona. This trend creates a look that is equally smart and fashionable. Be it the cooler tones or the warmer ones – this nail paint spans an alluring and rich gamut. Plus, these look at their enticing best when done in a high gloss. You can wear this ultra-stylish ombré effect to glam evening events or anywhere you want to make a statement.

3. Pleasing pastel ombré effect


A pastel ombré can never ever go wrong. Be it any occasion or any color choice, a pastel nail design will ALWAYS save the day! Pastels are known as pleasing pastels for a reason because they have the power to uplift your mood and your nail game. You can select any shade and go either matte or glossy – pastel ombré is your knight in shining armor. It gives a graceful and lively look and settles well with any outfit.

4. Grey ombré design


Grey ombré design is an ideal fusion of adventurous and chic. This subtle color will probably make you think of chilly, frosty mornings. It is an attractively neutral shade that you can pair with anything and everything. This ombré effect will make your nails even more interesting by lending itself well to almost all settings, including even the formal ones owing to its serene and unflashy appearance.

5. Nude ombré nails


Nude shade always gives your nails a naturally understated appearance. This minimalist ombré design suits every event, be it parties, weddings, or any occasion where you have to wear a dress code and appear refined with a poised elegance. Also, neutrals continue as an all-seasons trend and this nude manicure will reflect versatility. Go for this ombré effect whenever you desire a simple, somber look without having to settle for ho-hum vanilla. Equally modish and chic, this nail design will always be evergreen and cherished.

6. Blue ombré design


One of the most elegant and mesmerizing ombré effects is the trending blue. Your nails automatically become a beautiful backdrop with feathered out light icy blue or sexy dark blue shade. Try tones from turquoise to sky to azure for a more lively and breezy vibe.

7. Fiery red ombré effect


Fierce and fiery, red ombré nail designs showcase boldness and passion. This standout shading definitely is eye-catching and looks captivating any way you wear it. From cool blue to strong black to pearly white, your red ombré will pop against any color.

8. White ombré nails


For a fine and sparkling look, choose this fabulous snowy white ombré design. If you want to deliver a contemporary style that exudes pure class, while avoiding a nail color that is too tricky, without giving another thought select this pearly white effect. The only thing that you should keep in mind is the correct length and shape of your nails – a moderate size will best suit this style – and will keep your classic white nails timeless yet super-stylish.

9. Orange or Peach ombré effect


Peachy keen? Subtly warm and saturated orange shades are a welcomed trend, especially over the holiday seasons. It works great when paired with white or when blended with polar opposite tones like the breezy blues. From chilling by the poolside or attending a beach party, your orange ombré nails will surely add a chirpy and delightful touch to your nails.

10. Green ombré nails


From light to dark, there are multiple shades of green that make it uncomplicated to achieve this earthy ombré effect. Green nail paint fits best on nails of all shapes and lengths and you can choose your favorite shade of green as per your skin tone. This fantastic manicure style is an excellent way to have fun with your nail art without going overboard. Furthermore, the color green is considered a symbolic color, often representing life, renewal, and growth.

11. Brown ombré nails


The color brown is dark enough to make a dramatic statement, especially when paired with black. The brown ombré effect will automatically draw attention to your nails. Brown is another earthy tone often representing nature. There are several shades that you can pair with brown like white green, or mauve (yes!) to create the ombré effect. To enhance your nail game, paint two or three nails with a solid (plain) nail color and leave the remaining ombré. Also, you can add details and textures like swirls, lines, and glitters.

12. Summer-y yellow ombré style


For ages, yellow has been a driving force in fashion. Now, yellow ombré nail designs are trending and following suit to mark their place in nail art. From saffron to lemon, this ombré style will definitely appeal to you due to its sunny, refreshing, and youthful look. You can achieve other eye-catching designs by pairing yellow with aqua for a beachy look or fusing yellow with melon for a playful and tempting Tropicana vibe.

13. Dark ombré effect


Choose a combination of dark and sexy nail colors like black and burgundy or brown and black for a mysterious-looking and engaging ombré effect. You can further amp up the style by adding a touch of glitter for a flashy yet captivating and witchy ombré appearance!

14. Bright ombré effect


Keep your manicures looking merry and lively by opting for a bright accent nail design. It is one of the best ways to go in flow with the trend while maintaining a comfortable yet fashionable look that does not look too dramatic for you.

15. Metallic ombré style


With this exotic nail manicure, you can literally channel your Midas touch! The luxurious metallic shading is a design that will make a high-impact statement and will certainly give an outstanding accent to whatever outfit you wear or whatever event you attend. Gold-tipped French tips will provide you with exquisite bling that will make you feel like a red carpet show-stopper!

16. French ombré nails


The French manicure is a subtle twist and the most popular form of nail art. French ombré nails are a trendy and sophisticated variation on a classic theme that will certainly work beautifully for any occasion – minimalistic enough for daily looks, chic enough for office and weekend shopping, and modish enough for an after-hours look. This glam nail design is the perfect choice for any woman who wants to appear refined without going overboard with fussy embellishment.

17. Ombré nail art


From watercolor design to zig-zag or from strips to flowers – ombré nail art is for all the ardent nail art lovers out there! If you want to experiment with your nail style and be a tad bit flashy with the design, the ombré nail art trend is calling you right this second.

18. Matte ombré effect


Try a dash of powder coating to update your nails with a grand matte ombré finish. Although this style appears more subtle on the surface, it oozes a diva-like appearance. Matte ombré effect brings out the required sophistication with a super-duper-modern look. To make this nail art more ravishing, choose nail colors that blend well with each other like blue and pink or yellow and orange.

19. Glitter ombré effect


Glitter nails or tips always look elegant, eye-catching, and cool. Fortunately, they are extremely easy and simple to do at home. All you have to do is apply your favorite base nail color and then lightly dab glitter of your choice – golden, silver, multi-color. Start from the nail tip and move towards the bed of the nails for a cleaner ombré effect. Also, this method will allow the maximum concentration of glitter highlighted on your tips while defusing gently into the rest of your nails.

20. Multi-color or Rainbow ombré style


Rainbow ombré nail designs are a pure delight to have on your nails. Positively cheerful and enigmatic, you will be bound to smile every time you glance at your hands. However, it may take a while before you perfect this nail trend. Until then, keep it simple. Start by using only two nail paints on each finger for an easy yet charming ombré.

21. Neon ombré design


Some nail colors are ideal for those women who want a cutesy manicure without being too loud and in-your-face. For such people, a neon ombré is a choice that is highly impossible to miss. The beauty of this vibrant and bright shade is that they are hugely eye-catching in the best possible way. You can select all your favorite neon tones and have loads of fun merging them for a pretty, gorgeous look.

22. Black ombré design


It is time to let go of the basic black (or maybe not because even a simple black nail paint is the OG badass style). But, this edgy and captivating black ombré nail is definitely worth a shot. This ombré style looks equally exciting in both matte and gloss finish.

23. Abstract ombré effect


We once again ask you, why settle for one nail color when you can wear several with pride? The beauty of an abstract ombré nail design is it allows you to freely play around with multiple nail shades until you find something that reflects your character and persona. You can either go for a subtle and simple look, or you can choose a brighter and more interesting fusion, for example, apply a different combination on each nail. Also, abstract ombré tips are unique and breathtaking, making your nails stand out in the crowd.

24. Ombré nails with nail accessories (stars, rhinestones, hearts, flowers, etc.)


Rhinestones or nail accessories often give your nails a lovely finish plus, there are many ways that you can include them into your nail art design. While some women prefer going bold by piling on the rhinestones and jewels, that creates a 3D artwork. This look undoubtedly will turn heads, and people will appreciate you for your nails. However, it is a bit high maintenance. Alternatively, you can add twinkling stars, miniature hearts, or tiny sequences.

Why should you get an ombré manicure?


Firstly let us ask you, why would you want to settle for merely one nail polish when you can use your favorite colors and get the coolest ombré nail designs? Don’t you want to instantly elevate your nail game from basic and boring to brilliant and fab?

We already know that ombré has been hugely popular in hair and couture due to its whimsical gradient of hues – from shadow to light to bright. However, recently this nail trend has been stylishly transforming your nails to give them a diva-like boost. Every style-conscious or trend-conscious woman knows that dressing up from top to toe literally means that all the minute details need close attention – which obviously (eye roll) includes your nails. You may believe it or not, but your nails play a crucial role in giving out a chic impression of yourself, and they certainly need to be decked up too. So, ladies, it is time to ditch your plain soulless nails and go for stunning, beautiful nails with a creative, fun, and unique twist with an ombré manicure!

Who can get an ombré nail art? Which nail shapes will it suit?

An ombré nail design will suit anyone irrespective of the nail shapes, skin tones, color choices, and personality types. Below are the common nail shapes for you to compare to your nail type and accordingly decide on the ombré manicure.

1. Short or Normal nails


2. Medium-length nails


3. Long nails


4. Pointed or Stiletto nails


5. Almond nails


6. Oval nails


7. Round nails


8. Square nails


9. Ballerina or Coffin nails


A step-by-step guide to DIY ombré manicure


• Firstly, clean up your fingernails thoroughly. Ensure that you remove your old nail polish.

• Next, trim your nails and shape them to your desired type and length. To give them a smooth finish, file them using a filer. You can also push back your cuticles as it helps to elongate your nail beds.

• Thirdly, start by applying a clean base coat of clear nail polish to all your nails. This process helps to protect them from being stained by the polish, plus it extends the life of your manicure as it decreases the chances of your nail polish getting chipped earlier.

• Once your clear base coat dries, choose a light nail color (or white nail paint) to begin your ombré effect. Why start with a lighter nail color? Because it helps the overall nail paints to appear much brighter and eye-catching. However, if you are aiming for a softer ombré effect, choose lighter nail color combinations like white and pink, nude and brown, grey and white, etc.

Also, remember that if you are looking for an opaque background, paint two coats (instead of one) of your base color. Apply the first coat and let it dry, then move on to apply a second coat. Understand that it is critical that you do not rush the process. Moreover, applying two thin coats is much-much better and preferred rather than one heavy thick coat.

• Fifthly, use a makeup sponge. With your nail paint brush, apply the additional nail colors that you want to use to create your ombré effect. Apply the nail paints in horizontal or vertical lines closely sealed – side-by-side to each other. Now, make sure that you apply at least two to three coats on your makeup sponge and spread it properly so that your entire nail can be covered.

• Now, just stamp the makeup sponge on your nail about two to three times – dab dab dab (no harsh rubbing) – until you see the ombré effect that you desired. Make sure that you cover the sides of the fingernails, as well.

• Repeat this process on all nails. Then allow enough time for the paint to completely dry.

• Then, lightly tap the paint with your fingertips to check if it dried completely, and then apply a clean top coat of clear polish. Once again, two coats are always better than one for a smoother final look.

• Lastly, use a Q-tip to clean up the surrounding area of your nails for professional-looking, glamorous, and sexy nails. Voila!

Goodbye boring nails


If you are not someone who does their nails at home (trust us, we can understand), try ombré nails. It is one of the most recent hot nail trends. Plus, you can add your creativity, mix n match your favorite colors, play around with nail accessories, and have loads of fun, too!

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