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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 12th June 2021 Written Update Darsh stand for Nandini

From Rajvi revealing the truth to Nandini leaving Darsh: Here is what all happened in ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’ earlier this week!
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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 12th June 2021 Written Update Darsh stand for Nandini

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Gunjan talking to Vanlata and mocks Nandini for having fun with Ritesh. She points finger on her character, but then spots Darsh and gets shocked. She tries to explain herself but Darsh leaves from there. She smirks and follows him. She says that she is not wrong regarding Nandini and tries to instigate him, but he stops her. Everyone gets confused seeing them. Rajvi comes forward and ask about the matter, to which Darsh starts laughing and tells her about Gunjan’s suspension. Rajvi gets angry and scolds Gunjan, while Shobhit also rebukes her.

Darsh calms them and proclaims that Vanlata have some serious issues with Nandini and that is why always tries to defame her. He takes stand for Nandini stating that she can never betray him. He praises her character, whereas Nandini hears him and gets emotional. She comes forward and shows eyedrops explaining that she met Ritesh to get ointment for Darsh. Whereas, Darsh says that he trusts her and shows his gratitude towards her.

Parul smiles and ask everyone to get ready for the game. Rajvi starts acting to be mad at Vipul and says that she won’t play with him. Vipul also gets into his character and proclaims the same, but then forgot to be angry with Rajvi in excitement of game. She messages him to be in his character, while he replies back agreeing to her and apologises for his mistake.

Here, Nandini and Shobhit gets aside. E apologises to her for Gunjan’s allegations, while she assures him. She then ask about Darsh’s reports, whereas he states that he will himself give the reports to Ritesh. Nandini gets elated and says that soon Darsh will be able to see.

Darsh calls them inside to start the game. Chetan acts while Parul tries to guess the movie name. Nandini explains the scenario to Darsh. Later, Nandini assures Darsh when he gets doubtful about playing the game with her as he can’t able to see. She acts in front of him and makes him touch her to understand what she is doing. She holds his hand in front of her heart, while he guesses the film name correctly. Everyone cheers for them except for Gunjan and Shobhit.
Rajvi shows her gratitude towards Nandini and then murmers to Vipul that they have to loose. They again pretends to have an argument and leaves from there. Darsh gets worried for his parents but Nandini states that she have an idea to unite them.

Elsewhere, Shobhit shows Darsh reports to Ritesh. He proclaims to mail it to London. At that time Shobhit starts his drama. He cries in front of Ritesh and lies about being concerned about Darsh. Ritesh comforts him, while he sits there and insists Ritesh to go through the reports. He then talks about Nandini and Ritesh’s bond, while latter smiles telling that he feels happy seeing Darsh and Nandini relationship. He shows desire to get love like them, while Shobhit observes him.

Darsh gets restless thinking about Nandini’s plan, when she comes inside his room with her luggage. He questions her about the plan, to which she says that she will stay with him to reunite Vipul and Rajvi. He gets elated and traces her face. She then puts her belongings inside the cupboard and stares at Darsh lovingly.

Ahead, Ritesh notify Shobhit about his lady love Kinjal. He states that it’s a one sided love story. Shobhit insists Ritesh to tell Nandini about it and take her help. Ritesh thinks about Shobhit’s idea. Whereas, Shobhit plans to take revenge on Darsh by creating rift in between him and Nandini with the help of Ritesh.

Precap:- Darsh searches for his medical reports and questions Rajvi about it. Shobhit intentionally puts the reports inside Darsh’s cupboard in his presence. Darsh interrogates him about the matter, to which he replies that Nandini had asked for the reports.

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