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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update

आपी नाज़्रोन ने समझौता 23 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट:
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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update

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Episode starts with Gunjan getting shocked seeing Shobhit. He becomes furious learning about her deed, while she faces him and apologises for her mistake. She tries to explain that she have done everything for him only, as she wanted him to get the CEO position. She requests him to believe her but he rebukes her reminding that how important this business is for his family. He starts moving away, while she follows him. She keeps asking sorry for her action and ask him to punish her if he wants. At that time Nandini comes there and hears their conversation. She becomes dumbstruck as Shobhit puts his anger out on Gunjan. Parul also comes there calling for Nandini, Gunjan along with Shobhit stops their fight looking at them.

Parul takes them inside the room. Rajvi talks with decoration team for the celebration party. Darsh tries to take pictures and ask Rajvi to stay still, meanwhile Nandini ask about the reason for the suprise party. Rajvi happily replies that it is for Darsh’s achievement and for new beginning of Nandini and Darsh’s relationship. Vipul says that Darsh once again proved that he deserves the CEO post and advice Shobhit to proceed with his startup, while he looks on. Nandini reminds about Rajvi and Vipul’s 30th marriage anniversary, whereas Rajvi declares that she will only celebrate it if Darsh and Nandini will together plan for their celebration. They agrees making Rajvi elated.

Here, Gunjan sees Shobhit and moves towards him. He calls him by his name while he corrects her pronounciation. She forwards her hands and insists him to choose one of her fist. He chooses one, while she smiles assuringly that his fight with Gunjan will soon end. She says that everything will be fine and he will again be happy.

Darsh interrupts them by bringing food for Nandini. She makes her sit and feeds her stating that her hands are burnt. Shobhit gets irated seeing them and thinks that how can he be happy as they both have snatched her happiness. He keeps glaring them, when Ritesh comes there to checks Darsh. Shobhit smirks and makes him sit in front of Darsh and Nandini to disturb them. Ritesh notices Nandini’s burnt hand and questions about it, while she tries to ignore the topic assuring him that she is fine. He says that she always neglect her health.

Elsewhere, Shobhit remembers Charmi’s words and breaksdown. He pours his anger out on the stuffs and cries. He blames Darsh and Nandini for snatching her from him. He oaths to separate both of them.

Nandini denies to eat more, while Ritesh suggested Darsh to tingle Nandini. They both tingles her making her laugh and she agrees to eat. She looks at him lovingly as he feeds her. Whereas, he determines to win her trust back.

Rajvi smiles putting her head on Vipul’s should. Meanwhile, Nandini gets confused seeing Darsh packing his belongings. She questions him about it, to which he replies that he have done the mistake so he should be the one moving out of the room. He ask her to stay inside the room and himself decides to move away from there. Nandini stops him stating that the room belongs to him and unpacks his stuffs.

Later, Darsh goes to find Nandini. Chetan and Parul sees and teases him. He moves forward in search of Nandini.
Whereas, Gunjan keeps apologising to Shobhit. He shows fake concern towards her and declares that he will never tell Rajvi about her deeds. He thinks that he can’t let anyone know about Gunjan’s conspiracy as it can harm his image too.

Nandini tries to take the box down but slips while doing so. Darsh saves her in time and both gets into an eyelock. “Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays” he makes her stand, whereas she notify him that she is preparing for Rajvi and Vipul’s marriage anniversary. He teases her for her height and then helps her to get the box down. She sees a handcuffs inside the box and questions about it, Darsh touches it and excitedly apprises her about how Shobhit used to tied him up with it. She puts one cuff into his hand and other into hers. He ask her to open it with the key, but she doesn’t find it and gets worried. He states that now they have to work being tied up. Both tries to open their handcuffs but their efforts goes in vain.

Precap:- Vipul ask why Darsh have called Vanlata along with Bansuri and Naveen? Meanwhile Darsh questions that why everyone is silent? Shobhit glares Vanlata and moves towards her. He faces her, while she bends her head being scared.

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