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About Us: Statusmarkets News(status markets.in) is an Online publication exclusively covering Celebrity biography, Actress biography, OTT News, and Web series news daily. Our team has one writer and backend member who manages the website and content.

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Arindam Das (Editor)

Hello, friends; my name is Arindam Das. I am a blogger. I graduated from Calcutta University with B.com (H). I started blogging in 2014. I love blogging very much, and now it’s my profession. I live in West Bengal, Kolkata.

What is News?

News is a type of communication that informs people about important events or developments. It can be written, audio, or video and distributed through different media outlets.

News is important because it helps people understand the world around them. It can help them learn about current events, new technologies, or the history of a particular situation.

In short, the news is essential for keeping society informed and connected.

What is Biography?

Biography is the story of a person’s life, from their earliest memories to the present day. It can be written about anyone, from celebrities to everyday people.

Biographers use a range of sources to research and write a biography. They may interview family members, friends, and colleagues or read official documents such as birth certificates or court records. They may also use creative methods like diary writing or photojournalism to capture the life of their subject in a more personal way.

A biography is an essential form of history. It can help us learn about the people who have lived and died and provide us with insights into the world around us. Thanks for learning more about biography!

What is Web Series?

A Web Series is a series of videos that are typically released on the Internet. They can be watched on a computer or mobile device and are often produced by independent filmmakers.

A Web Series is typically a shorter form of entertainment than a full-length movie or series. Each episode typically has between 6 and 12 minutes of runtime and is released over time rather than all at once.

Since Web Series are typically released on the Internet, they can be seen by anyone with access to the Internet. They are also relatively inexpensive to produce, making them an affordable option for independent filmmakers.