After pets, Cubbon park to ban food? Know more here

After pets, Cubbon park to ban food? Know more here
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After a proposed ban on pets, authorities in charge of Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park want to ban all eatables. Talk of such a ban first emerged in a 2015 order and that has now been revived amid concerns improper disposal of food waste has led to more rat and snakes in the park.

Apart from being a popular hang-out spot, Cubbon Park is located close to the Karnataka Assembly and the High Court, meaning it is frequented by legislators and lawyers on a break.

Most such breaks or outings by Bengaluru residents usually involve packed food items and improper disposal of this has led to the new restrictions – something not well received.

The deputy director of Cubbon Park told The Times of India those bringing well-packed lunch boxes from home would not be stopped from entering the park but those bringing food in disposable packets would be reprimanded as most do not dispose of waste in dustbins.

The litter attracts rodents and snakes, he said.

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Park authorities spend up to 3 crore per year on maintenance and the horticulture department has spoken of the difficulty in keeping the park clean given daily footfalls.

Among those opposing the proposed food ban is the Cubbon Park Walkers Association (CPWA), which has requested the above department to revoke the decision.

This request will likely be considered at the next departmental meeting.

Umesh Kumar, president of the walkers’ association, called the decision ‘unfair’ and pointed to clubs inside and around the park that are allowed to serve food to its members.

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“While public must ensure appropriate dustbins are used to dispose of food waste, a blanket ban on eatables inside the green space is an attack on the very spirit of the park.”

The horticulture department has said both public and private clubs inside the park have exclusive permission from state agencies to operate within the premises, and that disposal of food waste from these clubs has never been an issue with park authorities.

The park’s authorities had considered banning pet dogs from the landmark ‘lung’ area of the city in late June. However, strong opposition from pet owners and animal lovers prompted officials to rethink their decision and put it on hold.

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