Ajooni 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Ajooni 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Ajooni meeting Karuna. She introduces herself to her. She tells her about Aman and Harvinder’s issue. Karuna says that wrong happened with Aman but they can’t go against Baggas. Ajooni threatens to give a complaint against the organization. Karuna asks her to sit. On the other hand, Harvinder says that he won’t spare Ajooni. Shikha tells him that he can’t do anything. She insults him. He tells her that he won’t back off.

Later, Harvinder tries to strangle Aman. Ajooni and Karuna comes there. Ajooni tells Karuna that she told her that Harvinder wants to kill Aman. Bebe and Harman come there. Bebe asks Harvinder who are those ladies. Karuna tells her that they are from a women’s organization. She asks Harvinder to accept his crime or else she will call the Police.

Ajooni 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bebe scolds her. She asks Harvinder who called them. Ajooni says that she called them to help Aman. She adds that they saw how Harvinder tried to kill Aman. She informs Bebe that how Harvinder took Aman’s sign on the divorce papers and how he brought Shikha to the magistrate’s office.

Bebe slaps Harvinder. She asks Karuna to leave because it’s their family matter. She warns her to not try to interfere in their family matter. Karuna asks her what if it repeats. Bebe promises that it won’t repeat. Karuna and the other ladies leave there. Harvinder blames Aman for everything. Harman scolds him. Bebe asks Chamko to bring stick. She orders Harman to beat Harvinder with a stick. Harman beat Harvinder up. She tells him to not come before her. He runs from there.

Bebe scolds Ajooni for bringing women organization ladies to their house. She tries to slap her but the latter holds her hand. Ajooni tells her that she won’t tolerate this behavior anymore. She says that Bebe punished Harvinder many times but no use of it. She asks that what’s the guarantee that Harvinder won’t repeat his mistake. She takes Aman from there.

Ajooni 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update

After some time, Aman goes to Harvinder’s room with a medicine box. Harvinder scolds her. Harman comes there. She tells Aman to sleep with Ajooni today. She says that Ravinder and Rajveer staying out of the house. Aman leaves from there. Harman applies ointment on Harvinder’s wound. She tells him that she beat him up to show she is against him. She says that she will handle Ajooni. He asks her then what about Aman. She tells him that Aman is not a threat.

The next day, the party guy meets Ajooni. He tells her that he did not try to kill Rajveer by swapping an arrow. He asks her to save Rajveer and leaves there. She goes to the resort and learns about Harvinder’s actions. She plans to expose Harvinder with his confession. Meanwhile, Women’s organization ladies protest against Baggas. Ravinder asks Karuna what happened. Karuna tells him that they got complaints of domestic violence against Baggas.