Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022: Kickstarter deals on top luggage brands that you shouldn't miss

Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022: Kickstarter deals on top luggage brands that you shouldn't miss
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Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022 will be soon live. But the excitement should remain intact, as Amazon is all set to surprise you with its early kickstarter deals on top luggage brands. These brands require no introduction, as they have been ruling the luggage industry for a while now. Since the quality of these travel bags is phenomenal, the prices are also quite high. With Amazon kickstarter deals, you can get unbelievable discounts on these brands. We have compiled the list of the best deals here. Grab them now!

Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022: Unbelievable Kickstarter deals on the best luggage brands

1. Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Polycarbonate Blue Hard sided Cabin Luggage

This stylish sky blue bag is not just a fancy choice, but can be your mate for life, thanks to its durability. It is made of polycarbonate and is super hard on both sides. The outer material is capable of absorbing high-impact shock and flex back to its normal shape. There are cross straps for securing your valuables inside. With the 360° rotating wheels, the trolley bag stands out as a convenient choice. As far as the stroll is concerned, it is made of stainless steel and can last for a lifetime. The number lock system keeps your contents safe and secure.


Price Rs.6,825


Deal Price Rs.2,599

2. American Tourister Jamaica 80CM Wine RED Soft Suitcase

This beautiful wine red soft suitcase from American Tourister represents class all the way. Other than its beauty, there are other magnificent features in it that can be really impressive. The suitcase has a huge front pocket that is suitable for keeping all your small stuff which you need now and then during the trip. To keep up with the security, there is a number lock system used. It also has interior packing straps to keep your belongings intact. With a total of 2 compartments, the suitcase is suitable for both short and long trips. You can get it at superb prices due to the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale kickstarter deals. 


Price Rs. 10,800

Deal Price Rs.4,299

3. Kamiliant by American Tourister 55 cms Ash Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage

Kamiliant by American Tourister is a range known for its classic designs and ultra-lightweight material. One such impeccable piece of luggage is this one. It has a hard casing and is made of polypropylene for that extra sturdiness. The luggage bag has a decent size that can easily be fitted in the cabin compartment of the plane. The 360° rotating wheels, 3-digit fixed combination lock and extendable handle makes this trolley bag a reliable option. 


Price Rs.6,285

Deal Price Rs.1,699

4. Safari RAY Voyage Polycarbonate Printed Hard sided Cabin Luggage

When looking for a hard body suitcase that looks attractive and can hold all your important stuff, then trying this cabin luggage from Safari is a good idea. It is made of hard polypropylene material, which is considered quite tough. The suitcase is waterproof, which means you don’t need to care for a thing after your stuff is locked in this beauty. There are altogether 2 compartments and a number lock system for standard safety measures.


Price Rs.6,495

Deal Price Rs.2,199

5. Skybags Cardiff Polyester 52 cms Red Travel Duffle

Need a cute, little bag that fits all your contents and doesn’t weigh heavy? Here is a perfect option for you. This travel duffel bag comes with 1 compartment and butterfly lock. There are multiple pockets for adjusting all your stuff. To give additional support, there is a strong base added. With 3 years of manufacturer warranty, you can travel all you want and use this bag as your BFF. Get your hands on this cool duffel bag at almost half prices with the ongoing kickstarter deals at Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale.


Price Rs.3,730

Deal Price Rs.1,399

6. Aristocrat Cadet Polyester 52 cms Blue Travel Duffle

If you are looking for a decent design duffle bag with wheels, then try getting your hands on this one. It is made of polyester material which weighs like nothing. There is 1 huge compartment along with a front pocket to squeeze in any leftover items. With 5 years of international warranty, you can take this bag wherever you go.


Price Rs.2,810

Deal Price Rs.1,099

7. American Tourister Polypropylene 30.7 inches Hard Spinner Luggage Suitcase 

Need different bags for your entire family? Try checking this set of 1 cabin size, medium size and large size spinner luggage. It is available in a beautiful jet black shade. The set is ideal for a small family who wants to stay color-coordinated on their next trip. One can even use the luggage all by himself and carry as much as one wants. There is a 3-digit recessed TSA lock that keeps your belongings secure. Its other cool features include scratch resistant surface, interior packaging straps, side lugs and 3 years warranty. Get this fantastic luggage set at super slashed prices on kickstarter deals.


Price Rs.23,700

Deal Price Rs.8,999

Grabbing these top luggage deals at Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022 is a great way to save money while shopping big. The prices are incredible, and you shouldn’t miss this great opportunity at any cost. Check out these products, and you will surely save a fortune. 

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