Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022: Prime early deals on some amazing luxury skincare products

Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022: Prime early deals on some amazing luxury skincare products
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Did you hear? The Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022 has already started. It has brought the most popular early deals for its Prime subscribers, which is an additional benefit for early buyers. We have narrowed down some really effective and beneficial luxury skincare products from the top brands. All these brands find a place in the top-notch brands category and their prices have been heavily slashed down in the sale. Check out these luxury skincare products on Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale.

Luxury Skincare Products On Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022

1. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Face Wash and Face Cream

This rejuvenating and caring combo of face wash and face cream is enriched with natural vitamin C hydrates & moisturizes skin, vitamin E as a natural antioxidant repairs skin and vitamin B3 improves uneven skin tones & fine lines. The face wash contains vitamins C, B3 & B5, that gently cleanses skin leaving it soft, glowing & hydrated without stripping it or causing irritation. The face cream is formulated with kakadu plum, chia seed oil and hyaluronic acid that replenishes skin’s moisture and helps reduce pigmentation & fine lines for smoother radiant looking skin. It is free from mineral oil, sulfates (SLS, SLES), parabens, DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances, PEGs and many other potentially harmful chemicals.


Price: Rs 1047


Deal: Rs 754

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2. Minimalist 10% Vitamin C Face Serum for Glowing Skin

This highly stable and effective skin brightening, vitamin C serum is made with 10% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid that is closest to pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) in molecular size and weight. This luxury skincare serum ensures the vitamin C to directly penetrate into your skin. Vitamin C reduces melanin production resulting in glowing skin. It also reduces dullness & tanning and protects from environmental stress such as pollution & sun damage. It is also formulated with Centella water that soothes and calms skin making this formula non-irritating and suitable for all skin types. This serum is fragrance-free, silicones-free, sulfates-free, parabens-free, essential oils-free and dyes-free. Also, it is non-comedogenic, oil-free, and hypoallergenic.


Price: Rs 699

Deal: Rs 663

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3. Kimirica Love Story Bubble Bath Bottle

Thanks to the Amazon Great Freedom Sale 2022 this luxurious formulation will now be in your budget. It is infused with romantic notes of Gardenia & Night Blooming Jasmine. This bubble bath concoction is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, SLS-free and paraben-free. Irrespective of your skin type you can use this product. It also contains naturally derived ingredients like white tea extracts, aloe vera, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5.


Price: Rs 699

Deal: Rs 489

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4. The Body Shop The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing

This amazing tea tree face wash from The Body Shop is Infused with potent tea tree oil, this cooling lather helps to remove impurities and excess oil. It also prevents acne and blemishes. Use lukewarm water to dampen your face before applying this product.


Price: Rs 745

Deal: Rs 595

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5. Sanfe Underarm Lightening & Depigmentation Serum for Women

This depigmentation serum for your under arms is made with sea grape and green seaweed extracts. Its natural formulation treats marks and pigmentation and helps to naturally brighten the skin. It also treats the acne spots & pigmentation, leaving behind clearer and smooth skin. This serum is anti-bacterial and anti-sweat with natural green seaweed deodorant cream for the female underarm.


Price: Rs 799

Deal: Rs 399

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6. O3+ Radiant Brightening & Whitening Day Face Cream

This whitening day cream contains SPF 30 that protects you from harmful UV rays, prevents dark spots and moisturizes your skin. It brightens and even tones your skin. Apply this sunblock 30 mins prior to sun exposure, and reapply every 3 to 4 hours. Apply the product generously all over your face and body.


Price: Rs 1050

Deal: Rs 944

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7. Just Herbs Organic Skin Brightening Moisturizer Night Gel for oily skin

Just herbs is famous for its ayurvedic skincare products made from certified organic ingredients. It reduces dark spots and heals blemishes and can be used by both men and women. It also maintains an even tone in your skin, reduces fine lines, and keeps a check on your skin’s oil and melanin production. The main ingredients in this night gel are mulethi that helps retain skin;s moisture and reduces scars, khus that exfoliates the skin and cleanses it and cucumber that rejuvenates your skin in totality.


Price: Rs 845

Deal: Rs 541

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With the Prime early deals going on Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022, you can avail all these exceptional skincare products at discounted prices. Today’s offers are exclusively for Prime members, so hurry now!

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