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Anupama 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Anupama 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update
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Anupama 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kavya tells Vanraj that the effect of pain decreases over time, but a person cannot forget whatever he/she directly saw from his/her own eyes. Vanbraj says he had forgotten completely, but Toshu’s act reminded him of the atrocities he did with Anupama under different situations and circumstances. He says most men always try to justify their mistakes, it’s wrong; Anupama is right that if she had not exposed Toshu, he would have repeated his sin as the doesn’t consider it wrong.

Kavya asks what about him, will he repeat his sins? Vanraj will not justify himself and would just say that he loves only Kavya, his relationship with Anupama broke and over time it changed; Kinjal is experiencing the pain Anupama went through. Kavya says one says only good happens to good people, but god tests good people more, especially Anupama.

Anupama 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

The next morning, Anupama sends a voice message to Anuj and little Anu. Kavya offers her tea. Anupama thanks her. Kavya says thank you instead for handling Kinjal well and apologizes for repeatedly calling her to Shah’s house even when so many people are present there; Shah calls her for every simple reason forgetting that even she has a family to take care of and has taken her for granted.

Anupama says women had to bear orders and blames them, she thanks you for thanking her. She says she will leave after meeting Kinjal. Kavya says yes. Anupama prays to god to handle things. Dolly sits with Kinjal and fears Kinjal’s reaction once she wakes up. Anupama serves beverages to everyone and asks Leela if she needs anything. Leela rudely yells to serve her poison. Vanraj asks her to stop. Pakhi accuses Anupama that she ruined Toshu’s family by exposing his sin while Rakhi had kept her mouth shut.

Vanraj warns her not to speak when she doesn’t know anything. Samar says like a classical Pakhi, she wants to force her comment on every topic without any knowledge. Pakhi tries to leave. Anupama stops her and asks her to speak as her opinions don’t matter to anyone and even her frustration.

She then confronts Leela that she should be thankful to god that she didn’t see a phase of life that Anupama and Kinjal saw. She continues that they hear about someone’s pain and atrocities, but it’s painful to experience it by themselves and hence Leela should kindly stop acting like a teacher without knowledge.

She then warns Pakhi to stop her misbehavior. Pakhi says Anupama broke her own house and now Toshu’s, she couldn’t get both parents’ love and now Aryan will not because of her. Anupama asks why children want their mother to bear their father’s infidelity and their father to forcefully live with a woman he doesn’t like; children shrug off saying they don’t need the elder’s interference in their lives, but why do they want to poke their nose in their parent’s lives; she will not let anything wrong happen to her and Kinjal’s life and its Pakhi’s problem if she has any issue with it, it’s her life and her rule.

Anuj wakes up and searches for Anupama. GK informs that Anupama is with Kinjal as he himself asked her to stay back with Kinjal. Anuj thinks why doesn’t he remember that? He hears Anupama’s voice note that she will be home soon, he should have a bottle of gourd and aloe vera juice once he wakes up. Pakhi continues to argue with Anupama that mistakes happen to everyone, and she could have forgiven Vanraj and Toshu.

Anupama asks her to forgive her husband if her husband betrays her and bears his infidelity silently. Pakhi herself will handle her problems. Anupama warns her to remember her words. She addresses Shahs that she doesn’t come here to leave her family to bear their taunts and humiliation, she comes here as she loves them all, it doesn’t mean they take her for granted. Leela says they have problems in their house. Anupama says there are problems in every family, even the Kapadia family has its own set of problems, she is carrying many responsibilities on her head and doesn’t expect Leela to push her from behind.

She tells Hasmukh that she is going to drop Little Anu off at school and will meet Kinjal before going. She asks Leela to let Kinjal alone for some time if she wants to. Leela yells at her not to teach her to handle her house and not return again here after destroying her son’s life. Anupama asks Samar to record Leela’s statement as she wants to show it when Leela calls her again to come and solve her family’s problem. Leela sits silently. Anupama goes to Kinjal’s room.

Leela asks Vanraj to check on Toshu and reminds him that she had forgiven Vanraj when he did a mistake. Anupama enters Kinjal’s room and tries to wake her up. Kinjal says to let her sleep for some more time. Dolly asks why is Kinjal not waking up. Anupama says this because she knows how cruel the world is and she doesn’t want to face it. She prays Kanhaji to protect Kinjal. She then returns home and starts crying. Anuj comforts her and says everything will be alright soon. He starts praising Anupama as always.

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