Anupama 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Bapuji Supports Kinjal And Samar

Anupama 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Anupama The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Nandini thanks Shah’s family for accepting her and then apologizes to them. Anu says loving oneself is not at all wrong and hugs her. Nandini cries vigorously and then meets the rest of the family members. She greets bye to Samar and walks away. Samar hugging Anu. Vanraj tells Baa that whatever happened is for good, he is finding the best girl for Samar.

Baa as usual nods yes. Samar thinks Nandu made her realize how stupid love is, he never loved anyone before her and will never love anyone in the future. Anu prays to god that all her 3 children are tense, he shouldn’t test his children. Anu then returns home and performs Kanhaji’s aarti with Anuj. Anuj thinks he doesn’t want to delay expressing what is in his heart and requests god to support him.

Anupama 23rd February 2022 Written Update
Anupama 23rd February 2022 Written Update

Anupama 23rd February 2022 Written Update

Toshu returns to his room and seeing Kinjal on the bed says he already apologized to her, but she is still angry with him. She says she is not and is just feeling low. He says he doesn’t have time for guessing games and she should express directly if she has any problem. She asks when should when he doesn’t have time for her. He says he is busy at work and wants to finish it ASAP.

Kinjal asks if work is everything for him, they stay in the same house and room and don’t even talk to each other properly. Toshu says how will they as she either complains or taunts. She says whenever she tries to talk to him, he gets a call, even yesterday papa called him. She calms down, requests him to sit next to her, and says she knows he is busy. He gets a call just then and walks away, leaving her frustrated.

Anuj tells Anu that he didn’t have any hope earlier and hence didn’t dream, now since he got hope his life, he started dreaming. She to divert his attention says they should go to get vegetables. He asks if she means he cannot bargain. She says he is a good businessman, but has a kind heart and may bring the whole cart home. He says he will prove that he is the king of vegetables. She jokes if he is brinjal as it’s the king of vegetables. He says she turned him into brinjal b overfeeding him and then smashing him with her scolding.

Samar and Kinjal notice the cream roll in front of them and ask each other if he/she brought it. Bapuji enters and says he brought it for them as he knows they are missing Anupama, he may not be as good as his daughter but will try to understand their heart. Samar says he feels as if he lost everything after losing Nandini, he doesn’t feel good at all and knows how to move on.

Bapuji says he has to move on as life permits him to stumble but not stop. Kinjal says she knows how it feels to miss someone even when they are near them. Dadaji asks what is her problem. Kinjal apologizes and says she can share her problem only with mummy and walks away. Dadaji says something is bothering her, he needs to ask Anu to talk to Kinjal. Samar says Anuj is planning mummy’s birthday. Bapuji says it’s time to end sorrows and get happiness in life.

Bapuji calls Anu and asks her to speak to Kinjal once. Anu asks him to find out Kinjal’s problem. Anuj returns with bags full of vegetables and gives them one by one. She says thank you. He says he cracked many big business deals in his life, but getting dhania/coriander leaves for free from the vegetable vendor has its own pleasure. He jokes why the vendor sprinkles water on vegetables repeatedly as if they are unconscious, she must be thinking about how he became an expert vegetable buyer and will write a blog. She gets angry for bringing so many vegetables and scolds him.

Vanraj over the phone tried to convince Mukku that since she was busy and was not reachable, he took the decision on his own and had a client meeting, he will come to the office and explain, disconnects call, and frowns saying she doesn’t know B of business. Bapuji hearing him asks if he knows. Vanraj says he is at least trying and will prove that his son knows the business. Bapuji says he incurred losses in relationships, only time will reveal it.

Vanraj says he used to pamper Dolly more in childhood and thinks of him as wrong, even now he is thinking Anuj is right when he doesn’t know Anuj is wicked and is spying at the office via GK who provokes Mukku, hence Mukku is questioning his decisions. Bapuji laughs out loud and says others’ plate water looks like ghee and he may drop his plate ghee trying to grab other’s plate water.

Toshu walks to Vanraj and asks what did Malvika says. He says whatever she said, he will do what he wants to and orders him to print news in all newspapers that Anuj is no more related to the Kapadia empire now and shut all the doors for him and even Anu. Anu continues scolding Anuj for bringing lots of vegetables while he smiles helping her arrange them. Chup Chupke Tu Pyar Kar.. song plays in the background. Cameras focus on #MaAn.

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