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Anupama 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Anupama 22 April 2021 Written Episode Update
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Anupama 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Anupama The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Anupama 29th May 2021 Kavya asking Anupama to apply mehendi on her hand. Anupama asks her to get it apply by anyone or Baa. Rakhi says she doesn’t know how to apply. Kavya asks Anupama to apply mehendi and write Vanraj’s name. Anupama says I told you already not to play game with me. Kavya insists and tells that she has no relative, or friend with her, just she is the one who can apply mehendi. She tries to convince Anupama. Anupama says if oil is applied on the hand before applying mehendi then the color will be good. Kavya tells Rakhi that Kavya is the bala/witch like who will get her samdhan apply mehendi.

Anupama brings oil and applies on her hand. Kavya asks her to write only V on her hand. Anupama says if you have loved him a bit. Kavya says she just wants V. Anupama says she will write Shrimati Kavya etc etc. Kavya says she don’t want her to apply mehendi and says you will be hurt. Anupama says I am great Anupama and can’t feel bad. She gives her mehendi design to be stick on the hand and asks her to write her name too with Vanraj’s name, as when one name is written then there is no place left for the other name. She asks her not to let her name wipe off from her hand. She asks her to return the bowl and oil when everything is done. She is about to go. Kavya invites her for marriage and says you are not Vanraj’s wife now, but still his children’s mother. Anupama refuses. Rakhi says Anupama 2. Kavya insists. Anupama says she don’t want to be the mat and asks her to send the sweets, I will eat surely. Rakhi says Anupama 100 and Kavya zero. Anupama goes.

Kavya asks Rakhi to apply mehendi. Rakhi refuses. Kavya insists. She gets mehendi applied and takes the pic. She says she don’t care if anybody don’t come as her marriage is happening. Anupama hears and smiles. Kavya falls and her mehendi gets ruined from her hand. Rakhi laughs and says V is gone from your hand. Anupama comes to the balcony and asks Kavya to correct it before it dry. Kavya goes. Rakhi says I have taken the pic.

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