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Anupama 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Anupama 22 April 2021 Written Episode Update
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Anupama 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Anupama The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Anupama 4th June 2021 Rakhi asks Baa if Kavya is stranger than cabelwala, postman, and neighbors, its every MIL’s duty to perform every new DIL’s graha pravesh. Baa says she doesn’t consider Kavya as DIL and this is resort and not house, how can she lecture when she herself didn’t accept her daughter’s marriage earlier and bring police home, she should keep her GKM/gyan ke moti to herself. Anu tells Baa and Bapuji that she will meet them later. Kavya stops her and asks if she saw how beautiful her mangalsutra is, she realized after marrying V that a woman is incomplete without mangalsutra.

Anu says a wife is incomplete without mangalsutra and not a woman. Kavya says whatever, she knows Baa is not happy with this marriage and hence didn’t bless her or give her shagun/gift, at least Anu should give her a shagun. Anu says she gave her mangalsutra as shagun as Kavya is wearing it after she removed it. Rakhi says so true, but very insulting; thinks she was unnecessarily maintaining samdhan and ex-samdhan’s scores, nobody can beat Anu in insulting and Kavya getting insulted. Anu prays for Kavya and Vanraj and walks away.

Kavya apologizes Baa and says whatever she told was in fear as V left uninformed, so let us compromise as they will stay under same roof. Rakhi says I agree, they should select a day in a week to fight. Baa says if she likes her new samdhan so much, she should take her home. Rakhi says she doesn’t need her. Baa says Kavya is so bad that nobody wants to accept her. Kavay says she is not that bad. Kavya says if she is so good, then ask her husband to perform her aarti and grahapravesh. Kavya says whether aarti happens or not, grahapravesh will happen for sure. She holding Vanraj’s hand walks in, takes good’s blessings, and then touches Baa and Bapuji’s feet. Bapuji blesses her. She then apologizes Baa again and says she was very afraid and vented out her anger, so she should forgive her. Baa says she should hold her tears or else it will spoil her makeup and says for her, only Anu is her bahu. Bapuji says even for him and walks towards door.

Vanraj stops him and asks where is he going. Bapuji says he came here to attend wedding and now is feeling suffocated, so he is going to stay with Anu. Baa says she will stay wherever he stays. Kavya things good they are going, let everyone go as she cannot tolerate them anymore. Vanraj pleads them not to leave him as he cannot stay without them. Bapuji says they are not leaving him, but going away from him. Baa says he himself wrote this separation in his fate. Vanraj pleads them again not to go, but they walk away. Dolly also walks away saying she cannot stay where Kavya is. Toshu also wishes them and leaves. Rakhi thinks Toshu is a fool like Kinjal, she has to think something now. Pakhi hugs Vanraj, says she loves him, but cannot live with him anymore and walks away. Rakhi says even she should leave as she doesn’t want to be a hindrance between newly married couple, taunts Kavya to have fun and leaves.

Anu opens door and whole family walks in. Anu looks at Vanraj and Kavya. Vaa asks her to come in, and she closes door. Baa asks her to get him tea. Anu says she will bring tea for them, coffee for Dolly, cold coffee for kids. Kavya asks Vanraj to relax as soon Baa will accept her like she accepted Anu, she will set everything right. Vanraj says of course and walks in. Rakhi says everyone left Kavya, but she returned to her. Kavya says how would she miss entertainment. Rakhi says she was acting and is a creep like her, she sent everyone out so cleverly, but her happiness is short lived as they may return. Kavya says she knows they will return as Vanraj cannot stay without his family, but knows how to handle them as she is Vanraj’s wife now;

Rakhi should spare her now and not enter her bedroom for entertainment. Rakhi says she likes drama and not romance. Kavya walks in. Rakhi thinks entertainment has just started. She walks to Anu’s cottage and says a black coffee for her. Baa says she didn’t hear nagin drinks coffee. Dolly says nagin cannot stop biting and asks why did she come here. Rakhi says she came to her daughter’s family. Baa says her daugher’s FIL and DIL are in another cottage. Rakhi says she cannot disturb newly wed couple as they need privacy for their romance. Anu stops her. Rakhi says young people romance, though Kavya is young, Vanraj is old.

Anu says she is Kavya’s friend and stop her double stands and being a thali ka baigan; she knows why she is worried for Kavya, Kavya is Kinjal’s MIL now and thinks she should maintain good repo with her; she is a mother and can sense everything, Rakhi should stop burning someone’s house and warm her hands on its fire as her hands may also burn. Baa praises her. Anu says her family is sitting peacefully after many days, but Anu doesn’t like peace. Baa says this is a single room and Rakhi may get disturbed with her snoring. Rakhi says so sweet that she came to stay with her ex-DIL leaving Kavya alone, she is on both side and supported Kavya as she is alone, she promises that she doesn’t leave anyone alone. Anu says she can stay in Kavya’s cottage and should rest after putting ghee in fire. Rakhi walks out fuming that she cannot go to Kavya and Anu kicked her out.

Kavya asks Vanraj to stop his anger as its their life’s new beginning. He asks if she expects he should be happy after his family left him. She says she didn’t mean to hurt them. He says if thinks they will perform her aarti if she threatens them. She says he triggered her anger, but nobody saw her pain. He says she is selfish and is not bothered about anyone. She says what can if his family left him. He says they went to Anu’s house due to her selfish behavior. She warns to address as Anupama and learn how to behave with his ex-wife. He warns to learn how to behave with his family.


Anupama 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya gets romantic with Vanraj. Anu collapses on the other side. Samar shouts mummy. Vanraj worried runs out pushing Kavya away.

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