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Anupama 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Humiliates Pakhi

Anupama 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Anupama 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Samar thanks Anuj for helping him monetarily with his business tender. Anuj asks him to chill. Samar says he feels indebted to his goodness. Anuj says nobody should know about it. Samar says he will work hard with his dance shows and will return Anuj’s money with interest. Anuj says he is a businessman who invests and knows that he invested at the right place. He suggests Samar not forget to enjoy life in lieu of earning money.

Barkha hears their conversation and thinks Anuj is giving 10 lakhs to Anupama’s children and giving a verdict on her family, let her hear what is his verdict, and decide what to do. Vanraj tells Pakhi that what she did was a mistake and today she is making a bigger mistake, he ended the circle of Kapadias visiting their house and tussle with them with great difficulty and doesn’t want to restart it. Leela says Anupama must be waiting to humiliate her, she will humiliate her here itself if she wants to. Toshu backs her.

Little Anu asks the family if she can start the Raksha Bandhan ritual and looks at the door. Anuj asks what happened. Little Anu reveals that she invited Shah’s family without informing her parents. Anuj says she did right as kids shouldn’t bother about elder’s fights. Anupama says her daughter is the best and asks her to tie rakhi to Samar as he needs to return home and get rakhi from Pakhi.

Hasmukh with Kinjal, Dolly, Kavya, and Jignesh enters saying why would he not come when Little Anu invited her. Anupama, Anuj, Little Anu, and Samar happily greet them. Barkha says it’s a weird family that they are acting as if nothing happened after such a big fight, even Anuj is not reacting. Ankush says if this family continues to barge in here, Anuj will not have a place for us in his heart.

Anuj gets angry seeing Pakhi at the door. Little Anu gets happy seeing Pakhi. Everyone looks at her angrily. Leela asks Vanraj why he let Pakhi go there. Vanraj says Pakhi wouldn’t listen and would have gone into depression if he stopped her. Leela says she thought their family’s problems would end if Anupama stops coming here, but their whole family is at Anupama’s house now; Pakhi defeated even a chameleon in changing her behavior and had completely gone on Vanraj in anger and arrogance, and Anupama in intelligence; Pakhi must have thought she won’t be able to meet Adhik if she continues her feud with Anupama and hence went there to convince her mother; she is sure that Pakhi has gone for Adhik there and not Anupama.

Anupama asks Pakhi why did she come here if she fell short of humiliating her mother and came here to insult her more. She asks if she lost her memory, she can call her father and brother and revive her memory, learn new humiliating words from them, and start humiliating her again. Little Anu asks Pakhi to let Pakhi come in and brings Pakhi in holding her hand.


Pakhi recalls brutally trolling Little Anu. She thanks Anupama for letting her inside her house and forgiving her. Anupama says she hasn’t forgiven her, says she must have heard a song praising her mother’s good but not mother’s anger; they sent her to a good school, but she never learned good morals. She continues venting out her anger calling herself a dustbin for Pakhi to vent out her frustration, etc.

She says Pakhi asked her yesterday to end their relationship, now their relationship has ended; Pakhi is jealous of Little Anu, but Little Anu understood her within a few days which Pakhi couldn’t in years; a mother never differentiates her children, but should if the daughter is arrogant and humiliating like Pakhi. She reminds me how Pakhi kicked her out of the house and says she will not do the same though but will not forgive her.

She says they will not let their celebration ruin because of Pakhi and wants to celebrate it fully. Hasmukh says one should celebrate a festival as if it’s their first and last one. Anuj says should live each moment of life to the fullest. Little Anu says let us tie the rakhi. Anuj says he feels proud of Anupama and gives some moral gyaan to Anupama. Adhik smiles at Pakhi and thanks god that his and Pakhi’s connection didn’t break yet.

Leela tells Vanraj there was no need for Kinjal and Kavya to visit Anupama, Kavya suddenly became Anupama’s BFF and fights with whoever insults Anupama. Vanraj says his whole family left him alone on the festival day. Anupama brings balloons for everyone and plays Yunhi Kat Jayega Safar Saat Chalne Se.. song. Little Anu tries to cheer up sad Pakhi.

Anupama is elated to see Jignesh visiting her for the festival. She dances on Behna Ne Bhai ki Kalayi se Pyar Bhandha Hai.. song. All women tie rakhi to their brothers and receive gifts from them. Vanran recalls Hasmukh and others’ words and them leaving for Anupama’s house. He then imagines the whole family returning back and surprising him and then dancing with him on Its My Family.. song. He cries blaming Anupama that she snatched his family.

Anupama thinks every day would be a good day from hereon. Barkha tells Ankush that she needs to visit Delhi regarding her family property case and asks him to make sure to oppose Anuj’s decision and secure their family’s financial status. Ankush says he will think like a husband and a father and not like a brother this time. Leela switches on the lights and asks Vanraj why is he sitting in dark. The family returns home discussing how they enjoyed Anupama’s house. Vanraj mimics Anupama and performs their Nazar. He tongue lashes them for leaving him and Leela alone and enjoying the festival themselves and vents out his frustration on them.

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