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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st June 2021 Written Update Veer learns the truth

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st June 2021 Written Update Veer learns the truth

Apna Time Bhi Aayega The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Veer asks Rajeshwari that who send the video to her because it’s an fake video and tells her to not worry thinking about this fake video. He says to her that he used to stay with Birju and Rani in the village and he very well knows that they are just friends and moreover Birju never wears a dress like this, someone deliberately doing this to malign Rani and Birju’s relationship so they should ignore the matter. She tells him to talk to Rani. He decides to talk to Rani for Rajeshwari’s sake and leaves from there. She thinks she still has 3 chance and Rani has to leave Rajavat house no matter what.

Jai praises Birju’s new dress. Birju says to him that he used to wear like this kind of dress only when he was in Dubai. Veer shocks seeing Birju’s new dress and recalls the video and realises that Birju was wearing same dress in that video too and leaves from there.

Vikram meets Veer and asks him that when he will accept that he can’t live without Rani, is not he afraid to lose his love and asks him to stop the marriage. Veer recalls the video and tells him that he is also trying to discover the truth so he will talk to him later and leaves from there.

Rani says to Birju that she saw Kiara and Vikram together, everything going according to her plan and asks him to not do anything which may spoil her plan. He tells her that Rajeshwari taking advantage of her trust and he knows that Rajeshwari doing something wrong so yesterday night he went to talk to her. She asks him that what he said to Rajeshwari.

He tells her that he warned Rajeshwari to not do anything against her. She asks him that how can he do this without any proof. He tells her that he don’t need any proof and asks her that why she is not believing him. She tells him that no matter what Veer should not know about yesterday matter. Veer comes there and hears it. Birju leaves from there.

Veer asks Rani that where was she yesterday night. She recalls yesterday’s night and tells him that she was with him in his room only. He remembers waking up in different room and wonders why she is lying to him. She thinks seems like he don’t remember anything but how can she tell him what happened between them. He asks her that did she talk to Birju. She lies to him saying that she didn’t saw Birju since morning and leaves from there. He wonders what’s happening.

Rajeshwari tells her allies that she will separate Rani and Veer today. Rani talks to Birju about Rajeshwari. Veer overhears their conversation and assumes that they are talking about video incident. He decides to confront Rani but Rajeshwari stops him and takes him aside.

Birju praises about Veer to Rani. She gets emotional and tells him that she is happy that he understood Veer finally and praises Veer. Rajeshwari provokes Veer against Rani and Birju. She shows Birju’s wallet to him which has Rani’s picture. Veer recalls how Birju used to take stand for Rani always and shatters believing Rajeshwari’s words.

Episode ends.

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