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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th May 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th May 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Rani searches Veer and Champa throws bag at her. Rajeshwari asks Rani to return to her village, now Rani can’t become servant again because they have enough servants and Veer decided to marry Kiara so Rani don’t have any rights to live with them. She tells her that the latter should be grateful to her for letting her go without giving any punishment.

Rani asks her to give one chance to explain. Rajeshwari taunts her and tells her to take the bag and leave from there otherwise she will call the security and none will come to save her today. Champa drags her out and Veer stops her saying that Rani won’t go anywhere and takes her inside the house. Rajeshwari asks him that what’s the need of Rani when he is going to begin his new life with Kiara.

Veer tells her that his relationship with Rani didn’t end and it won’t happen too. She asks him that then what about his marriage with Kiara. He reveals that everything was just an act and Rani is his wife and none can change that fact. Rajeshwari asks him that why he acted.

He reveals the entire truth to Rajeshwari from Kiara’s memory loss to Kiara and Vikram’s marriage. She shocks hearing him and wonders how can Vikram hide this huge truth from her. Rani tells her that because of the situation Vikram didn’t reveal the truth to anyone and both Kiara and Vikram are not acknowledging the marriage that’s why they are acting to make them together.

She says to her that Rajeshwari may think that her plan is weird but she believes that they likes each other and they will realize that they don’t want to break their relationship. Veer tells Rajeshwari that if she wants then they can stop the plan right now. She tells him that she want to talk to Kiara.

Vikram gets upset learning that Kiara preparing shopping list. She asks him to accompany her then changes her mind saying that she will go with Veer for shopping. She learns that Rani is with Veer and tells him that Rani wants to separate her from Veer.

Rajeshwari comes there. Vikram says to her that he really missed her. Rajeshwari tells Kiara that she want to talk to her alone. Vikram leaves from there. Rajeshwari asks Kiara about her next plan and tells her that Kiara is such a bad actor. Kiara tries to say that she is not acting. Rajeshwari asks her that if she wants to marry Veer. Kiara nods at her. Rajeshwari questions her marriage which happened with Vikram. Kiara recalls her marriage and tells her that for her that was just a mistake.

Veer says to Rani that Rajeshwari won’t be part of her plan and Kiara can’t lie to Rajeshwari so he is happy that this drama going to end. Rajeshwari tells them that she agrees with Rani’s plan. Rani thanks her and assures her saying that nothing will go wrong.

Later, Rani asks Veer to spend time with Kiara then only seeing them together Vikram will feel jealous. She sees Kiara and runs towards her and tells her that Veer waiting for her. Kiara moves towards Veer and Rani leaves from there. Veer fears about getting separated from Rani.

Episode ends.

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