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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Rani notices that Veer sleeping without removing his shoes so she removes it without disturbing his sleep and sits beside him and tells him that she believes that they will overcome this difficult situation and he would have believed too if he saw what she witnessed few minutes back then and soon they are going to witness the new beginning of their life and leaves from the room.

Champa mocks Rani for doing preparations for Veer’s marriage. She wonders during bidaai who is going to cry more between Rani and Kiara and goes inside. Rani thinks marriage preparations also started so she should instigate Vikram to propose Kiara, otherwise everyone’s life will be spoiled.

Kiara thinks she did so much to get Veer and finally she is going to marry him but she is not happy with it and wonders why she is not happy and recalls Vikram’s question. Nanthini comes there and says to Kiara that she selected her marriage outfit and Kiara will look gorgeous in that.

Rani prays God to help her and notices Kiara. She tells her that it looked like Kiara wanted to say something to Vikram when she saw them together. Kiara yells at her for interfering in others life and asks her to behave like Ramadheer because she is just a maid. Rani asks her to not drag Ramadheer and tells her to listen what her heart wants.

Rajeshwari gathers everyone again. Birju wonders now what bomb Rajeshwari going to throw at them. She announces about cocktail party. Vikram asks her that what’s the need of it. Nanthini tells him that it’s Veer’s marriage so it’s necessary. Veer says to them that Rajmata and Dikvijay are not with them to celebrate then what’s the need of this party. Rajeshwari asks him to not worry about them because they are doing well in Rishikesh and asks everyone to get ready for the party. Rani wonders what exactly Rajeshwari planning to do. Rajeshwari thinks blast going to happen in the party.

Later, Veer asks Rajeshwari that why they are doing all this when they don’t even know that Kiara and Vikram loves each other or not. She tells him that they are married couple and asks him to believe Rani’s plan and not think much about it. Veer leaves from there without saying anything.

Birju mockingly praises Rajeshwari’s performance. Rani stops him and takes him from there and asks him to not do like this. He warns her about Rajeshwari and tells her that something will happen in today’s party definitely.

Later, Rajeshwari praises the decorations. Nanthini makes Kiara stand beside Veer. Kiara looks at Vikram. Rani serves drinks to everyone and Veer looks at her. Rajeshwari asks Veer to control his emotions and reminds him that he is doing everything for Vikram. Vikram moves aside. Kiara and Rani notices that.

Kiara recalls the moments she shared with Vikram and also her marriage. Rani notices that Veer drinking a lot and signals him to smile and thinks she knows that Veer is afraid of the consequences of her plan. Rajeshwari signals Jai. Jai spikes Veer and Kiara’s drink. Veer and Kiara also drinks it.

Episode ends.

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