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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th October 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th October 2021 Written Update
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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th October 2021 Written Update: Apna Time Bhi Aayega The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Rani thinking Nandini was looking upset and thinks she shall find out the truth. Nandini comes behind Champa and asks her to stop. She says you came to my house and asks what do you want to prove? Champa says I am not less than you, you might have money and beauty in you, but I won’t let you snatch hukum from you.

Nandini says you are worried that I will snatch luxury life from you. Champa says I am not scared of anything and asks her to understand. Nandini asks her to worry about herself as this thing happens with other woman, tells that she will not stop, as Jai is her husband and she has right on him and his time. Jai asks did you both get time to play gharwali bahar wali here. He asks Nandini to stop and asks Champa why did she come here, and says go from here. Champa doesn’t listen. Jai says if you go now, then I will come and talk to you.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th October 2021 Written Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th October 2021 Written Update

Champa says ok, come home fast. Jai smiles. Nandini is shocked listening to them. She asks Jai, if he don’t feel ashamed to do this infront of his wife in his sasural. She says Champa used to do sweeping, mopping, washing utensils, etc here. Jai says atleast she used to do work and doesn’t eat free food like you. He asks her to be silent. Nandini asks what will you do, will you beat /me? Jai raises his hand to slap Nandini. Rani sees this. Nandini pretends to set his coat. Jai says Nandini makes parathas for me with love and my weight is increased. They go inside. Rani gets doubtful and thinks you are hiding from me, Jai can’t change. I have to expose him and I know how?

Veer comes to Rani and asks her to come with him. He takes her to a decorated place and makes her sit on the chair. Rani smiles. Some musicians come there and play music. Veer says what is going on in our life, may be you have forgotten, but I didn’t. He says this is the day when we both had met. He recalls bringing her home and says we used to hate each other, but now love each other with intensity. He says you have become my life now. She says you are my life too, and nobody is important than you.

She asks if he is watching more films now. He says I am not much filmy than you and says I have learnt from you, how to dip samosa in chutney and have it. He says everything is of your choice now. She asks if he will have food in her style. He says yes and serves her samosa. She eats samosa. Gajri smiles looking at them and thinks she will soon romance Vikram. Rani and Veer finish eating. She says it is really fun. He says I want to show you something else, some fun is remaining. He takes her to the terrace and says he wants to tell her infront of the whole world.

Rani sees Rani I love you written in the sky while crackers are bursting. He says I love you very much and is ready to be her husband and asks if she will be his wife. She laughs and says yes. He makes her wear a ring and says I love you, Rani. She says I love you too doctor saheb and hugs him. Champa comes to Jai again. Jai asks didn’t you go from here. She says I didn’t get my answer, why you agreed to stay here till Navratri ends, and asks if he wants to get closer to Nandini. Jai says you don’t understand and says Rani is doubtful of us and she has defeat many people. Champa touches him.

He asks her to maintain her distance from him. Champa asks him not to get closer to Nandini, else she has many proofs against him and will expose him. Jai says he is acting so that their affair goes on. Rani looks at them and thinks she will throw him out of Nandini’s life, and before that she will expose him. She tells this to Veer. Veer says Jai can never mend his ways. Rani says I was thinking about Nandini didi. Veer says now I am sure after you are saying. Rani says we shall talk to Nandini.

They go to talk to her. Veer calls Nandini and says he wants to know something from her. Nandini asks if anything serious. He asks if you are fine, if there is any problem between Jai and you, I want to know if my sister is happy in her marriage. Nandini says yes bhai, everything is fine, there is no problem. She recalls Jai slapping her again and again. She says Jai keeps me happy and loves me a lot. She recalls seeing Jai romancing with Champa infront of her. Veer asks why is she lying?

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th October 2021 Written Update

Nandini says I am telling truth. Veer says will help you, and asks her if Jai slapped you. She recalls her mother-in-law asking her to fight. Nandini asks if bhabisaa told this and says it is a misunderstanding. Veer says we are concerned for you, and says we both trust you. Rani thinks I don’t trust them, something is cooking between Jai and Champa, I will expose them.

Gajri writes her name along with Vikram and keeps it infront of Mata Rani. She says I have gathered my courage and going to propose Vikram. She says if he says yes, then she will offer something. Rani mixes the bhang tablet in the juice and asks Servant to give it to Jai. Servant gives juice to Jai. Jai scolds him. Rani thinks he is trapped now. Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th October 2021 Written Update.

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