Aries to Pisces: Men of these Zodiac signs tend to struggle with body image insecurities


Fitness trends are ever evolving and good health never goes out of style. Yet, there are some zodiac signs who feel insecure about their lack of personal wellness. It is not only women who struggle with body image issues, for these concerns sadly plague the men of certain zodiac signs more than others and impacts their mental health. From Aries to Pisces, here are the men of some Zodiac signs who tend to be insecure about their bodies.


Whether it is feeling insecure in the locker room while dressing down among their peers or not feeling bulky enough with an athletic body on the football field; Aries often feels insecure about their own body. The upside is that they do not follow crash diets and in fact, they do everything in their power to maintain a healthy life style so they are at the top of their fitness game most of the time.


Pisces men may come across as cool, casual and above all confident. But what lies underneath the surface may be a little different. Due to over indulgence in mead and drinks, some of them wish to develop a well-toned body and struggle with a beer belly. More often than not, they tend to beat themselves up over it their obesity and set off on a quest for fitness that leads to them transforming their lifestyle.

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A Taurus has sky high standards and this also extends to their personal wellness. They hold themselves in high regard and want to ensure that they are impeccably groomed and looking dapper all the time. However, this isn’t possible regularly without a great deal of determination and hard work. Alas, Taurus refuses to put in the effort as they love binging on junk food and do not hit the gym regularly only to be disappointed and feel insecure about their body.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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