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Barrister Babu 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Bondita reopens the case

Barrister Babu 22nd September 2021 Written Update
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Barrister Babu 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Barrister Babu The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Bondita saying I rebel against the wrong, girls should get an education, we should fight against bad customs, we should fight for love, I had run away for education, to fight bad customs, to get my love, I had gone with my mum’s blessings, you had changed the situation by your words, I promise the truth will win one day, Anirudh will win, its the day when Durga Maa had defeated Mahishasur,

Durga Maa will come again tomorrow, I will file a plea to reopen Anirudh’s case, I will pray to Durga in these nine days and the truth will win along with Durga maa. She plays the shank. Everyone prays. Tupur looks on. The lawyers talk about Chandrachur’s murder case reopening. The lawyer says we have to see who fights against the sharp public prosecutor Subodh Chatterjee. Subodh comes.

Barrister Babu 22nd September 2021 Written Update

Barrister Babu 22nd September 2021 Written Update

Inspector says you came here again. Bondita says I remember you said this isn’t a garden, there are some rules, I have come to meet Anirudh as a barrister, not a wife. She shows her ID card. He says fine, you can go. Bondita goes to Anirudh. He looks at her. Rishta Tera mera…..plays….

The lawyers praise Subodh. The girl says I like the way you fight the case, can you give me your autograph. Subodh gives the autograph. She says I want to become a qualified barrister like you. He throws the paper on her face. He says to break your dream, wake up from sleep, you are a girl, become a bride, a mother, a sister and a friend, not a barrister, learn household work and values, puja from other girls. He goes. Bondita says I have come to take your blessings, I m going to fight the first case today, bless that I win.

Subodh says Anirudh has accepted his crime, even if he refuses, then there are many witnesses, I will get this case shut in one hearing, the dead body is also found now, who is the foolish barrister who wants to reopen this case. Bondita asks Anirudh to make her wear the barrister robe, won’t he tell her all the best. He says no, I would ask you not to fight this case, once the culprit accepts the crime, then the barrister can’t win the case, let me get hanged, I don’t want your dream to die with me. She says you can’t stop me from finding the truth and saving you, you are my teacher, friend and husband, I have three duties towards you, I can fight the world for you, I will make you win and prove your innocence.

Subodh asks Trilochan who is coming to reopen the lost case, to get insulted by me, I think the judge has to break the pen once again, saying hang Anirudh till death. Trilochan and Somnath get angry. Bondita says make me wear this barrister robe because I will not lose now. Anirudh makes her wear the robe.

Barrister Babu 22nd September 2021 Written Update

She asks him to sit. She asks him to sign the paper that he accepts her as his case’s barrister. She says smile a bit, a female barrister will be fighting the first case. She asks him to sign. She says to read once if I made the paper right or not. He doesn’t read and signs. Subodh waits for the lawyer.

Bondita comes. He asks did the lawyer get scared and run away. Bondita says I m not one of those to get scared and runoff. He asks will a girl fight a case, who are you. She says I m barrister Bondita Anirudh Roy Choudhary, I will prove Anirudh’s innocence. Subodh says this barrister robe isn’t any fancy dress. He taunts her.

She says a woman isn’t weak, she is love, she is also a sword, a woman who can give birth can tolerate anything, a woman can change fate if she picks a pen, she can create history if she takes a step. She smiles. Barrister Babu 22nd September 2021 Written Update.

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