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Barrister Babu 24th May 2021 Written Update Anirudh feels proud of Bondita

Barrister Babu 20th May 2021 Written Update: Anirudh tries to win Kalindi's trust
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Barrister Babu 24th May 2021 Written Update Anirudh feels proud of Bondita

Barrister Babu The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The Episode starts with Anirudh telling Kalindi the punishment is quite strict for Bondita. Kalinid says why are you so worried for her? Do you have any relationship with her? Anirudh denies. Kalindi says she wants Bondita’s good only, she wants to free Bondita from Anirudh’s teachings. Education damaged her brain and now her Thakuma will get them out from her head by punishing her so that she lives a happy life. She says this society will taunt Bondita only as her husband left her. Kalindi further says she will punish Anirudh as well.

Kalindi serves food to Bondita. She taunts her saying women should control their hunger. Tapur says Bondita must be feeling hungry as in morning she gave her food to Tapur. Kalindi mocks Bondita and says to her you should reject Anirudh’s nonsense teachings to get more pooris. Anirudh feels disgusted and thinks how can Thakuma punish Bondita this way when she needs to eat healthy food at this age. Bondita takes pooris from Kalindi and says she can’t have food today. Thakuma’s beliefs regarding women’s hunger is wrong. Bondita says she wont support Kalindi’s wrong deed. She will improve her restraining power. Thakuma says Bondita should not disrespect food. Bondita mentions what Anirudh taught her about equality and that women are not weak.

Anirudh feels proud of Bondita. Kalindi goes to check a patient. Rimjhim gets happy thinking she will get to eat Bondita’s pooris as well. Thakuma says she will feed Bondita’s pooris to cows and dogs. Anirudh gets upset. Kalindi tells Bondita to smash huge amount of spices before the evening ends. Tupur checks on Bondita she is working properly or not. Bondita sweats. Anirudh thinks Bondita will feel weakness. Anirudh thinks of bringing food from his mansion for Bondita.

Kalindi sees Trilochan and changes her direction. Vihari calls her bad omen. Trilochan goes behind Kalindi to talk to her and he mentions about their past connection between them. He says he wants to talk to her. Kalindi diverts the topic and shouts Vihari. She shuts Trilochan saying tell what kind of bond we share? Accept it in front of Vihari. Trilochan gets embarrassed and leaves.

Bondita locks herself in room and is starving. She feels stomach pain. She recalls how Anirudh used to feed her. There Anirudh reaches his mansion and takes food from the dining table. Sampurna hears some noise and notices a woman’s shadow. She searches for that woman. But Anirudh fools her. He jumps off the window and disappears with the food. Sampurna finds Anirudh’s anklet and grows suspicious.

Anirudh knocks on the door. Bondita thinks Thakuma sent her food to break her will power. So that she forgets about Anirudh. But she wonders why the knocking style matches with Anirudh. She opens the door and tells Rupa to knock once not thrice. Anirudh tells about his real identity happily that he is her Sakha Babu. Bondita gets overwhelmed and she lets him in. She hugs the latter.

The Episode ends

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