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Barrister Babu 7th May 2021 Written Update Anirudh gets shocked

अनिरुद्ध से बॉन्डिटा पर रिवर्स साइकोलॉजी लागू करने से लेकर बोंदिता तक स्कूल जाने का फैसला: कलर्स टीवी के शो बैरिस्टर बाबू में इस हफ्ते क्या हुआ, इसकी जाँच करें
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Barrister Babu 7th May 2021 Written Update Anirudh gets shocked

Barrister Babu The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Anirudh telling Vihari to remove the posters. He says angrily I am with Bondita. Noone can harm her. Anirudh says I’ll also go with you to remove Bondita’s posters.

Bondita misses Anirudh while studying. Vihari insists Trilochan to eat something. He got fever as well. Trilochan refuses. Anirudh says Trilochan wont listen to us. But if Bondita tells him to take care of himself. He will agree as Trilochan is really adamant. Trilochan looks shattered. Anirudh calls in the hostel. Teacher tells him Bondita is in class. Anirudh tells please inform Bondita that Trilochan wants to talk to her. Bondita gets happy to know that Anirudh called her.

Anirudh waits for Bondita’s call. Deboleena sends one man to take Bondita. She tells him to lie that Trilochan is not well so he is here to take Bondita so that she can meet Trilochan. Anirudh calls Bondita and before Bondita could receive it that person comes and lies about Trilochan to Bondita. Phone rings. Bondita says she won’t go anywhere until she talks to Anirudh. She receives the call but the call gets disconnected for some reason. Teacher tells Bondita to go to meet Trilochan as he is unwell. The person keeps saying Anirudh sent him to take Bondita to haweli. Bondita agrees. Deboleena smirks and notices Bondita. Bondita leaves.

Anirudh calls in the hostel using another number. He says Trilochan wants to talk to Bondita. Teacher informs him about the person he sent to take Bondita with him. Bondita already left for Tulsipur. Anirudh gets shocked and speechless. Trilochan tells Anirudh we should find Bondita. Villagers should not know where Bondita is. Trilochan blames Anirudh for the mishap. Trilochan says you sent Bondita away from us. If something happens to her you will be responsible. Trilochan says he will go to find Bondita. Anirudh tries to stop him. He says whatever he did is for Bondita’s good only. When it comes to Bondita’s safety he can go to any extent to save her. Anirudh says I always rectify my mistakes you know that. I’ll fulfil my promise.

Bondita understands the person is trying to mislead her. She stops in the midway and says we are going in wrong direction. Anirudh didn’t send you. You are here for some other reason. She is about to leave but Deboleena hits Bondita’s head. Bondita gets shocked to see her. Deboleena says I just want the money. Bondita will die for sure. Bondita falls unconscious and Deboleena gives Bondita’s locket to that person as a reward. Deboleena shifts Bondita somewhere and thinks of informing the villager that she confined Bondita.

Anirudh goes to hostel and scolds the teacher how can she tell Bondita to leave with some random person. She apologises and tells about the person how he looks. Anirudh rushes to find Bondita. Bondita gains consciousness and recalls Deboleena’s act. She calls for help.

One mysterious lady enters and asks the hostel teacher where is Bondita. She replies Bondita is kidnapped because of her carelessness. Anirudh went to find her. That lady says Anirudh can’t save Bondita. He is not capable. She taunts Anirudh and says only Dugga Ma can save Bondita now.

The Episode ends

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