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Barrister Babu 8th June 2021 Written Update Bondita gets worried for Anirudh

Barrister Babu 20th May 2021 Written Update: Anirudh tries to win Kalindi's trust
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Barrister Babu 8th June 2021 Written Update Bondita gets worried for Anirudh

Barrister Babu The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Kalindi telling what happened with Rupa. She doesn’t reveal that Rupa is dead. Bondita gets worried for Anirudh and Anirudh enters Kalindi’s mansion and meets her. Bondita gets happy seeing him. Rimjhim tells Kalindi, Anirudh forgot the condition that you will chop off his hands. Kalindi looks petrified and Anirudh is about to mention about Kalindi’s secret of killing Rupa. Kalindi gets shocked and stops him from completing the sentence.

Kalindi takes Anirudh inside and says she hasn’t committed any crime. Anirudh says Vihari witnessed everything how she pushed Rupa into the water. Kalindi gets shocked and says Rupa is not woman and she entered her house with some wrong motive. Anirudh tells Kalindi thought she betrayed you but you killed her that’s the truth. You will get lifetime imprisonment for that, or you will be hanged to death for the murder. Kalindi gets shocked. Anirudh traps Kalindi saying he can fight her case to save her. He gives her his card and thinks though Kalindi is illiterate but this will remind her of the crime. He says if she doesn’t want to meet him in Roychowdhury mansion then she can meet him in a nearby library. Later Anirudh tells he wants to talk to Bondita alone. Kalindi gets angry and doesn’t give him permission. But then Anirudh blackmails her using Rupa’s death and Thakuma agrees. She sends Bondita to meet Anirudh. Sumati asks Kalindi why is she behaving this way, how can she change her mind all of a sudden when she only said Anirudh and Bondita can’t meet each other without any relation. Thakuma leaves.

Bondita feels bad for Thakuma and asks him are they doing wrong by deceiving Thakuma, as she looked so helpless today. Though she is happy that Rupa’s drama is over. Anirudh makes Bondita understand that whatever they are doing is for changing Thakuma’s mindset, the way she treats a woman is not acceptable and she should give respect to women instead. She has to feel guilty for her deeds. Anirudh adds they can’t let Rupa’s truth to come out at any cost. Bondita gets confused and agrees with him. She says she won’t reveal Rupa’s secret to anybody.

Kalindi recalls Anirudh’s words. She says he hates Anirudh but he knows her secret so she has to hire him as her barrister. There Rimjhim talks to Soumik and tells him to leave the house before Kalindi gets to know about his truth. Anirudh’s card blows due to wind and Kalindi goes out to take it. She turns on the light and catches Soumik red handed. She takes off his wig and starts beating him for betraying her. Bondita stops Kalindi. Kalindi says she can’t tolerate the fact that her family member betrayed her. She tells Soumik and Rimjhim to leave her house at once angrily. Bondita pleads before Thakuma saying she should forgive them as Tupur and Tapur can’t live without their parents. Kalindi allows Soumik and Rimjhim to meet their daughters but only for one night. She tells them to leave next day.

Kalindi notices some people are staring at her. She feels scared thinking her secret can get exposed. She goes to meet Anirudh in library. Other side Bondita meets Anirudh and informs him that Thakuma got to know about Soumik’s lie and now she wants to throw them out. She tells him to solve the matter. Seeing Kalindi, Bondita hides in the library. Thakuma meets Anirudh and says she doesn’t want to go to jail. Anirudh says he has three conditions, if Kalindi fulfills them then only he will be her barrister. Anirudh says Thakuma won’t throw Soumik and Rimjhim out of the house, she will also tell Trilochan about dropping her idea of cutting off his hands. Thakuma agrees to do them. Anirudh’s last condition shocks Kalindi when he says she will send Bondita to Roychowdhury mansion. Bondita also gets shocked to hear that.

Episode ends

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