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Barrister Babu 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Barrister Babu 20th May 2021 Written Update: Anirudh tries to win Kalindi's trust
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Barrister Babu 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Barrister Babu The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Anirudh asking Kalindi to send Bondita to his mansion so that he can teach her and she becomes Barrister. Hearing Kalindi’s stern refusal Anirudh blackmails her using Rupa’s death. He says if Bondita goes to jail what will happen to her family members and who will handle the responsibility? So everything depends on her decision. Thakuma gets shocked. Bondita overhears their talk.

Soumik and Rimjhim pack their bags and they say good bye to everyone. Before they could leave Thakuma stops them. Everyone gets surprised to see that. Bondita gets happy and thanks Anirudh in her mind.

Kalindi removes the border she made in between her mansion and Trilochan’s. She tells Trilochan that she won’t chop off Anirudh’s hands. She changed her mind. Trilochan gets surprised and says its no less than a miracle. Anirudh wonders now whether Thakuma will fulfill his third condition or not.

Bondita packs her bag and Sumati asks Thakuma what happened suddenly that she changed her mind overnight and sending Bondita away. What did Anirudh tell her? Thakuma says she is doing all these for everyone’s good only. Bondita takes Anirudh’s picture and Thakuma gets irked seeing that but she doesn’t react.

Anirudh tells Vihari to bury Rupa’s stuffs. Trilochan praises Anirudh’s planning the way he trapped an adamant person like Thakuma. Vihari goes near balcony and hearing Sampurna’s voice he hides. But one of Rupa’s sarees hangs from balcony. Anirudh tells Trilochan that he won’t tell her to fulfill one more condition but he is feeling happy that Bondita will come back to his house and he can teach her. Trilochan says Kalindi should not know about Rupa’s secret or about her fake death.

There Thakuma goes on terrace to dry the clothes. Bondita insists to help her as it’s her last day in Thakuma’s mansion. Kalindi allows her. Bondita notices the saree in Anirudh’s house. She gets shocked and thinks Kalindi can catch Anirudh’s lie and can think Rupa is connected to Roychowdhury. She rushes to inform them before Thakuma notices it. Thakuma leaves the house. The saree blows and it falls on Thakuma. Kalindi gets shocked to see that and leaves. Bondita falls down while she was running. Sumati tells her to give water and later when she notices Vihari she asks him about Rupa’s saree. Vihari reveals he already buried Rupa’s stuffs. Bondita feels relaxed.

Trilochan orders various sweets for Bondita as she is coming back to their mansion. Sampurna gets shocked to know that Bondita will stay with them. She wonders how can Kalindi send Bondita here. Its unbelievable. Something is wrong.

Kalindi connects the dots seeing Rupa’s saree. She understands finally that Rupa is Anirudh only. She smiles and says means Anirudh became woman to stay in touch with Bondita. His game plan was perfect but real game will start now. Bondita tells Tapur that she will miss her a lot after leaving this house. Kalindi says she also wants to talk to Bondita regarding some secret. Kalindi tells about playing a game.

Thakuma gathers every members outside. She blindfolds Bondita. She tells her to decorate Anirudh’s picture. Bondita unknowingly does it and follows Thakuma’s instructions. Kalindi puts Rupa’s saree on Anirudh’s picture and tells Bondita to apply sindoor and bindi on that picture. Thakuma removes the cover from Bondita’s eyes and Bondita gets shocked to see Anirudh looking like Rupa. Thakuma says game is over. She slaps Bondita and forces her to reveal the whole truth. Everyone stands shocked.

Episode ends

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