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Bawara Dil 14th June 2021 Written Update Shiva and Siddhi love each other or not

Bawara Dil 14th June 2021 Written Update Shiva and Siddhi love each other or not

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Siddhi telling Mangal that her exam got postponed. God is with her. She can give her exams peacefully. Sonal becomes happy for Siddhi. Siddhi says her books are not waste now. But there are others filmy magazines which can be sold. Mangal says you don’t need to worry. Sonal asks how this miracle happened? Siddhi says she will explain. Mangal gets irked and says why Siddhi finds a way out always.

Yashwant apologises to Siddhi for not listening to her and for not taking the injection. Siddhi says she is not angry anymore but Yashwant has to promise her he will take his medicines on right time. Yashwant says whoever leaked the question paper is the reason why Siddhi is happy. Siddhi says that person shouldn’t have done it as many students can get affected by this especially who stays in hostel. Thank God the date didn’t get finalised after 1 or 2 months. Shiva overhears them and Yashwant tells him to come inside. Yashwant asks Shiva where he went? He can’t lie to his father. Shiva doesn’t answer. Siddhi says Shiva went to call the doctor only. Yashwant pulls Shiva’s ear and says Shiva won’t prioritize Akka Bai’s work over Siddhi’s exam. He will take her to the exam centre safely. Shiva feels embarrassed and Siddhi smiles. Yashwant hits his injured hand unknowingly and he makes noise out of pain.

Shiva sits outside. Sonal comes to talk to him regarding Siddhi’s exam date. Shiva lies and hides the matter. Sonal gets suspicious and says Shiva was not with Jalwa as she called Jalwa and got to know the truth. She says Shiva is involved in the matter of leaking question papers for sure. She tells Shiva to swear on her. Shiva doesnt do it and makes excuse. Sonal forces him to tell the truth and Shiva finally accepts he only leaked the papers. He even got hurt. Sonal gets surprised and asks does he have any idea what he did. Shiva says he committed a crime but for Siddhi’s sake only. To fulfil a good work taking wrong step is not crime. Sonal says it was really risky. She thinks Shiva loves Siddhi a lot. Shiva tells Sonal to hide the matter from Siddhi. Siddhi comes and starts scolding Shiva. She gets hyper and says how can he be so careless. He is even telling Sonal to to hide it. Shiva gets shocked thinking Siddhi got to know about his act. Later Siddhi reveals Vijaya told her that Shiva got injured. Shiva gets relaxed. Siddhi says the wound is deep and it needs dressing. She applies ointment and Shiva smiles at her. They stare at each other. Siddhi shows concern to him. Sonal teases them and leaves. Siddhi before leaving says mention not and Shiva gets happy.

Sonal and Jalwa discuss about Shiva and Siddhi. Sonal says she is really confused whether Shiva and Siddhi love each other or not. Their actions are confusing. There Mangal and Vilas think of finding another solution to separate Shiva and Siddhi. They think why are they failing all the time. Vilas says he will plan something more dangerous to stop Siddhi from giving exam. Jalwa says to Sonal that Siddhi and Shiva will leave for Puna tomorrow so they will plan something to bring them closer.

Jalwa tells Shiva that he should stay in Puna with Siddhi as a heavy storm will come according to weather reports. They should not take risk by returning back. Shiva gets fooled by Jalwa. Jalwa tells him to leave for Puna as early as possible. Shiva agrees and leaves. Jalwa informs Sonal and tells her to repeat the same story in front of Siddhi.

The Episode ends

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