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Bawara Dil 15th June 2021 Written Update Mangal gets mad

Bawara Dil 15th June 2021 Written Update Mangal gets mad

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Shiva telling Siddhi what Jalwa told him. He says they have to leave for Puna without delay. Siddhi tries to check the weather condition but Shiva says they should not waste time. He asks if she has any problem with sharing one room with him. Siddhi says why will she have any problem, they are sleeping in one room from the start.

Vilas tells Mangal about his planning. He shows her the design of the house. He says without their permission Siddhi and Shiva can’t leave the house. He discusses about the plan and Mangal gets impressed. Seeing Vijaya they hide the design. Vijaya informs them that she made light dishes tonight as Siddhi and Shiva are not home. The left for Puna. Mangal and Vilas get shocked. Mangal scolds Vilas for failing once more. Vilas says he was busy making the plan so he couldn’t pay attention when Siddhi and Shiva left. Mangal tears the design angrily.

Shiva and Siddhi enters the hotel room. Shiva tells Siddhi for the first time they didn’t argue with each other. So today is special. Siddhi smiles. Shiva says he is ordering special milk for him. Siddhi mockingly says she wants chilled beer. Shiva gets shocked. Siddhi says she is just kidding, she will drink cold coffee. She adds but his expression was funny. Light goes off. Shiva gets scared and hugs Siddhi out of fear. Siddhi turns on the phone torch and says she is here for him. They share a moment. Electricity comes back and room service comes. He tells Shiva to order food. Shiva and Siddhi ask each other what would they like to have? They are unable to decide. Room service says when they will decide they can inform him. Shiva tells him to give umbrellas for rainfall. Latter says the weather is good and theres no news as such. Shiva tells Siddhi how’s it possible. Jalwa Sonal told them about a heavy storm. Siddhi says its good, they got some extra time to spend. Shiva gets surprised hearing her. Siddhi makes excuse and goes to freshen up.

She checks water is not coming from the faucet. She tells Shiva what kind of hotel is this. Their services are really bad. Shiva goes to check, and tries to fix it. Siddhi is about to call the room service but he says he will manage. Shiva turns on the shower by mistake and they get wet. Siddhi and Shiva stare at each other. Siddhi turns it off and laughs at Shiva. Shiva again turns on the shower and Siddhi hugs him. Shiva gets romantic and later they realise what are they doing. Siddhi tells Shiva to leave the washroom. She gives him towel. Shiva comes out and thinks why is he losing control. This is not right. He turns on the TV and imagines he is dancing with Siddhi. Back to reality he sees Siddhi coming out of washroom. Towel falls down from his body. Siddhi looks at Shiva. She is about to fall but Shiva saves her from falling. They have an eyelock. Shiva gets Jalwa’s call.

Shiva comes out of his room and receives Jalwa’s call. Jalwa asks did they reach safely. Shiva asks what kind of weather app he was talking about. Jalwa says he lied to him, but as a result Shiva got to spend some quality time with Siddhi. Shiva gets angry and tells because of your lie I was about to commit something so wrong. You won’t repeat this thing again. Shiva adds he got married to Siddhi for Akka Bai’s image only. After six months he will end this marriage when the election will be over. Jalwa apologises to Shiva and cuts the call.

Episode ends

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