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Bawara Dil 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Bawara Dil 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Shiva entering room. He sees Siddhi fell asleep. He covers her with blanket. Next day Sonal asks for some money from Yashwant to go for a trip. Mangal tells Vilas, her family forgot her totally. Before they used to take permission from her but everything changed only because of Siddhi. Mangal says she will ask Shiva and Siddhi directly regarding it.

Shiva wakes up and Siddhi comes after getting dressed up. She says last night Shiva came late and didn’t even have dinner. She also fell asleep. Shiva says today is her exam so he didn’t wake her up last night thinking she needs a good sleep. Siddhi says she ordered breakfast for him, she will come back from temple after some time. Shiva thanks her. They smile at each other. Shiva notices some notes with roses. Where Siddhi wrote good morning. Shiva thinks he didn’t know Siddhi is this much romantic.

Sonal thinks of calling Siddhi. Siddhi phones her and says she has a surprise for everyone. She will talk about it tonight after returning back. Sonal gets excited and shares her happiness with Vijaya.

Shiva notices one more card of thank you given by Siddhi in his jeep. Siddhi says its her way of saying thank you. Shiva says he didn’t do much. Siddhi says that’s not true, he did so much for her, she can give her exam because he encouraged her and helped her out. Shiva says mention not. He starts his jeep saying he will drive slow Siddhi can study.

Sonal talks to Vijaya regarding Shiva and Siddhi’s married life. She says soon Shiva and Siddhi will become parents. She will decide the child’s name. Mangal shuts Sonal. Yashwant supports Sonal saying she did nothing wrong. Later Mangal tells Yashwant to return back home early, she wants to announce something important.

Shiva says Siddhi has taken essential things for exam or not. Shiva says he will wait for three hours until her exam is over. Siddhi gets happy and she tells Shiva to wish good luck to her. Siddhi turns back and Shiva looks at her. Later he imagines Siddhi is resting her head on his shoulder. Back to reality, Siddhi comes back after giving the exam. She says she finished her paper within less time. They reach home.

Sonal excitedly hugs Siddhi and asks about the surprise. Siddhi says she will reveal it in front of everyone. Vilas informs Mangal about their return. Mangal thinks of starting her drama. There, Siddhi gifts one goggle to Shiva. Shiva likes it and asks her what happened to her suddenly that she is being very sweet to him. Siddhi says she bought it while going to temple. Shiva asks about the reason of her happiness. Siddhi tells him to keep his hand on her hand. She holds his hand and takes him outside.

Episode ends

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