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Bawara Dil 19th July 2021 Written Update: Shiva refuses to visit Siddhi’s house

Bawara Dil 19th July 2021 Written Update Shiva refuses to visit Siddhi's house
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Bawara Dil 19th July 2021 Written Update: Shiva refuses to visit Siddhi’s house

Bawara Dil 19th July 2021 Written Update

Bawara Dil Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Bawara Dil 19th July 2021 Written Update…

Now in the upcoming drama Akkabai telling Siddhi if she has a problem with Sarkar attending the festival. Siddhi tells Akkabai that in her house everyone treats a guest well but the guest should not do something so that misunderstanding occurs again. Sarkar gets irked. Siddhi asks Akkabai why Sarkar stays at home all the time, doesn’t have any work to do. Sarkar taunts her saying because many faithful workers work under them just like her husband Shiva. Siddhi says people take others’ help when they are not capable of doing their own work. She is about to leave but Sarkar brings the topic that Shiva insulted Kiran.

Siddhi says Shiva apologized to Kiran already and sorted out the issue. Sarkar instigates Akkabai against Shiva saying he went to solve family issues without finishing election work. Siddhi taunts Sarkar back that he is also Akkabai’s son, he should also do some work for the election. She leaves. Akkabai says she understood what Sarkar was hinting at. Shiva is not faithful like before. She supports Sarkar in his plan so that he executes it properly.

Bawara Dil 19th July 2021 Written Update

Yashwant prays to God for Shiva and Siddhi’s togetherness. Sonal comes and says they need to plan something to bring Siddhi and Shiva together. Yashwant says Shiva is always busy with his party’s work. Siddhi comes and Yashwant talks about his damaged watch. Shiva notices that and thinks of gifting a new watch to Yashwant. Yashwant says he doesn’t want to take Shiva’s help or his money. Yashwant gets a call from the office. Akkabai tells Sarkar that she made the arrangements now Sarkar can easily execute his plan. Sarkar looks happy.

Siddhi meets Jalwa and asks why did Sarkar call Jalwa that day. Jalwa says it was Bhave’s misunderstanding, he misheard what Sarkar told and called Jalwa. Siddhi thinks something is fishy. It’s not as simple as it looks.

Yashwant tries to convince Shiva to visit Gondhal function in Siddhi’s house but in vain. Shiva says he has party work and why will he even go there when no one likes him and even Siddhi doesn’t consider him as her husband. Yashwant says Siddhi does so much for his family despite knowing Mangal treated her badly. Then why can’t Shiva put some effort to make things right. He adds he can’t attend the function at least Shiva can go on his behalf.

Shiva leaves. Siddhi comes to Yashwant and says he tried his best to convince Shiva, now they can’t do anything. Siddhi gets upset knowing Yashwant is not visiting her house but the latter promises her that he will help her in buying stuff for the festival. Siddhi thinks she should reveal Sarkar’s act to Yashwant but she refrains herself. She gets a feeling Sarkar is planning something evil.

Shiva carries buckets at the temple and earns money by doing holy work. He tells Jalwa that to buy a watch for Yashwant he is doing this. Yashwant won’t accept the money which he earned by doing party work. Thus, it’s the only way to gift a watch to Yashwant. Siddhi reaches the temple with Yashwant. She goes to drink water and Shiva gets the money from the priest. Jalwa says Shiva can add some money from his party’s earning. Shiva says he can’t break Yashwant’s trust and his principles.

Sonal while coming back from college gets some bangles from a child. She drops it and gets scared thinking who sent these bangles which a married woman wears. She gets Sarkar’s friend request as well.

Siddhi and Yashwant notice Sarkar who is making preparations for the festival. Sarkar acts like he is fulfilling his duties and trying to help. Yashwant gives him a task and sends him to a temple. Siddhi is about to react but Yashwant calms her down. Siddhi asks Yashwant why he behaved nicely with Sarkar. She says her blood boils whenever she sees Sarkar. Yashwant replies they should keep their enemies close to check on their activities. Bawara Dil 19th July 2021 Written Update.

Episode ends

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