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Bawara Dil 1st June 2021 Written Update Siddhi says Sagar to confess his crime

Bawara Dil 11th May 2021 Written Update: Shiva accepts Ishvar's invitation
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Bawara Dil 1st June 2021 Written Update Siddhi says Sagar to confess his crime

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Siddhi thinking why Shiva didn’t return yet. He got any solution or not. Sonal talks to Siddhi regarding that. Siddhi worries for Shiva. Vijaya bumps into Sonal. Diya falls down from Vijaya’s hands. Sonal says sorry. Vijaya tells Siddhi to call Jalwa to know whats happening. Siddhi tries to contact him but she fails. She blames herself for everything saying it was her job to sweep the house but Shiva did it and he got stuck in problem. Vijaya says whatever Shiva did is to help his wife. Its a not crime.

But Siddhi should be proud of him. Mangal starts accusing Siddhi that because of her Akka Bai warned Shiva. Siddhi is too lazy to do anything. Mangal blames her for all the mishap. Everyone is suffering for her studies. Siddhi says why Mangal always blames her studies. Mangal says because of her studies only Shiva was cleaning the house, and now whole Rudrait will taunt Shiva. Mangal threatens Siddhi saying she will kill her if anything happens to Shiva. Mangal is about to leave but she slips and gets hurt. She puts the blame on Siddhi saying she applied black magic that’s why I fell down. Shiva returns back and Mangal acts in front of him and says Siddhi pushed her. Siddhi says why will she do something like this. It’s an accident only. Shiva tells her not to defend herself.

Sonal and Siddhi go to meet the doctor for Mangal. Siddhi notices Sagar talking to Narpat’s informer. She wonders why Sagar is in touch with Narpat. What’s wrong. Sagar leaves without noticing Siddhi.

Shiva sits and looks disturbed. Siddhi asks him about Mangal’s health. Later she again says she has not done anything to Mangal. Shiva says he trusts her. Jalwa comes and tells he is still clueless. He can’t even imagine to hurt Shiva. Shiva says it Akka Bai cuts ties with him he will become non existent. Siddhi looks at him. She tells Jalwa to remember whom he met after shooting the video. Jalwa recalls and tells about Sagar’s arrival. Shiva says Sagar is Siddhi’s brother, he can’t deceive him like that. Siddhi recalls how she saw Sagar with Narpat’s informer.

Siddhi meets Sagar next day and asks him directly why he sent Shiva’s video to Narpat. Sagar gets shocked and lies that he has no idea. Siddhi says answer me in yes or no.
She asks if Sagar came near Shiva’s house then why didn’t he meet Siddhi? Sagar finally admits he is working for Narpat for money. He tries to cover up his deed saying he is doing it for Akka Bai only. Siddhi says Sagar cheated on Shiva and framed an innocent person. Shiva is getting punished for no reason. Sagar says he will talk to Akka Bai regarding it, Siddhi doesn’t need to interfere. Siddhi tells Sagar to go with her. She tells him to confess his crime in front of Akka Bai in Shiva’s house. Sagar denies and says now Siddhi is blackmailing him. Siddhi says Shiva trusted him so much and he broke his trust and if Sagar confesses his crime Shiva will get less upset. If Sagar refuses to go she will inform her parents and then Sagar is aware of the consequences and is aware of Shiva’s anger too.

Jalwa cries in front of Shiva and slaps himself for shooting the video. He says he will lie to Akka Bai that he took money from Narpat and did all these. Shiva recalls how Akka Bai saved him during one incident. He tells Jalwa not to worry, he is with him always. Shiva decides to confront Narpat directly so that he reveals from where he got Shiva’s video.

Akka Bai arrives at Shiva’s house. Shiva touches her foot but Akka Bai comes to the point saying did Shiva get to know who is the culprit? Mangal blames Siddhi for the incident but Akka Bai shuts her. Shiva tells Akka Bai that he is nothing without her. Latter replies she knows how loyal Shiva is and how he saved her reputation several times, but she can’t forgive him this time, she repeatedly asks about the culprit. Siddhi enters and says she will give the answer. Shiva gets surprised and Akka Bai asks Siddhi what does she know about the video? Siddhi looks on.

Episode ends

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