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Bawara Dil 22nd June 2021 Written Update Siddhi gets shocked

Bawara Dil 22nd June 2021 Written Update Siddhi gets shocked

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Sagar meeting Ishvar. Ishvar asks where did he go when he knew his father will get discharged today? Sagar says he went for his father’s work only. Ishvar gets confused as he didn’t give him any work. Sagar says he will explain on right time.

Yashwant calls Siddhi and asks about Ishvar’s health, also he apologises to her for the previous drama in the house. Siddhi says Ishvar is fine and she is ok. Yashwant says he wants to talk to her.

Yashwant reveals he will stay in Mumbai for six months. He says its government job, he has to obey what they are saying. Mangal gets shocked and says how will he live in an unknown city for so long. Siddhi tells Yashwant to take care of his health. Yashwant says he wants to go for darshan before going to Mumbai. Shiva says he will drop him there. Yashwant says to Shiva he doesn’t need his help, Akka Bai’s work is his main priority so he should focus on that only. Yashwant adds as long as he is stable he can handle himself without anyone’s help. Siddhi glares at Shiva.

Shiva talks to Jalwa. Jalwa says Akka Bai told him to click Siddhi’s pictures to use in the poster. Siddhi enters the room and Shiva asks is she planning to go out. Siddhi says why is he asking, Shiva says its monsoon so she should be careful. Siddhi says she doesn’t need his permission to go anywhere, she taunts him saying this concern is also for party’s work maybe. Shiva thinks how will he convince Siddhi to pose for the picture. This seems hard. Siddhi will get angry even more.

Shiva talks to Sonal. He tells her to give him water. Sonal gives him empty glass and says Shiva is also empty from inside. He can’t love someone. How can he hurt Siddhi. Shiva says she is not that mature to understand everything. Sonal says she used to defend him in front of Siddhi but Siddhi’s perception about Shiva was always right. Sonal leaves upset saying Shiva broke her trust and disappointed her.

Yashwant calls Mangal and informs his darshan is completed and later Siddhi comes there and Yashwant tells Mangal to give the phone to Siddhi. Yashwant tells Siddhi he met one enlightened person who told him to chant Vishnu mantra if something bad happens in the house. Siddhi says she knows the mantra. Yashwant asks if she can do, he doesn’t want to force her though. Siddhi agrees. Yashwant talks to Mangal and cuts the call but Mangal acts like talking to him after that. She says Yashwant told Siddhi has to pray empty stomach taking thousand names of Vishnu for 108 times. Vijaya tells Siddhi are you sure you can do it without having food? Siddhi says to fulfil Yashwant’s wish she can do it. Mangal says now she will trouble Siddhi, and will take her revenge. She will make Siddhi’s life hell.

Siddhi chants the mantra and coughs. Mangal says she can’t stop in the middle now, she has to start again. Sonal sides with Siddhi and says these are common symptoms. Mangal should not be strict. Siddhi says she will manage.

One person informs Mangal that Police arrested Ishvar as one lady filed complaint against him. He asks about Siddhi. Mangal lies that Siddhi is busy in some work. Malini tells inspector that Ishvar is innocent. He hasn’t done anything. Ishvar tells her to not worry. Sagar hides behind a tree and observes everything. He looks scared. Siddhi keeps chanting the mantra. Her phone rings and Mangal switches it off.

Siddhi gets up and is about to faint but Vijaya holds her. She tells Siddhi to have food. Mangal informs Siddhi about Ishvar’s arrest. Siddhi gets shocked and asks why she is informing her so late. Mangal says she didn’t disturb her and didnt break her concentration. She knows how Siddhi respects Yashwant. Siddhi gets worried for Ishvar.

Episode ends

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