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Bawara Dil 24th May 2021 Written Update Shiva helps Siddhi

Bawara Dil 11th May 2021 Written Update: Shiva accepts Ishvar's invitation
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Bawara Dil 24th May 2021 Written Update Shiva helps Siddhi

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Vilas telling Bablu to search in different place. Vilas then opens the cupboard to take the necklace but doesn’t find it. Malini tells him can I help you? Vilas gets shocked and thinks where did the necklace go? Bablu asks Vilas why are you sweating? Vilas gets scared thinking how Mangal will react?

Sonal tells Vijaya that something is wrong for sure. Mangal might execute the necklace drama to stop Siddhi for making Rotis. Siddhi and Vilas return home. Mangal happily asks about the necklace to Vilas but Siddhi says it wasnt found in Ishavr’s house. Mangal gets shock and she asks how is it possible?

It should be there only. Shiva comes to Mangal and asks why is she looking worried? Mangal says the necklace Shiva gifted that got lost. Shiva tells I know where did you find the necklace. Shiva says he gets all news as Rudrait is a small place to hide anything. Shiva says he will find the necklace in his house once again.

Mangal asks Vilas how did it happen when he himself hid the necklace in Ishvar’s house. Shiva comes with the necklace and gives it to Mangal. Mangal and Vilas get shocked. Shiva says he found it in Vilas’s room. Siddhi says Vilas said he searched his room but didn’t find anything. Mangal covers up the matter saying Vilas forgot about it.

Shiva takes Vilas outside and says to him I know what you did. FB is shown. Shiva asks Ishvar has anybody come to your house from my family? Ishvar tells Vilas. FB ends. Shiva feels disgusted and warns Vilas to not repeat such type of cheap act again. Mangal comes and stops Shiva from talking rudely to Vilas. She says don’t make it a big deal. Shiva calls Ishvar there. He tells Mangal to apologise to him. Mangal gets offended and apologises. She leaves angrily.

Ishvar asks Shiva why did Mangal apologise to him? Shiva diverts the topic saying let’s have tea together. Ishvar goes inside. Siddhi thanks Shiva. Shiva tells her not mention. Siddhi corrects him saying its mention not. Shiva teases Siddhi saying you call me “Jahil” it doesn’t matter. He smiles at her. Siddhi also smiles.

Next morning Shiva wakes up and checks the time. He doesn’t find Siddhi in the room. Later he finds her in kitchen. Siddhi tries to make rotis. Shiva asks her what are you doing here in early morning? Siddhi gets afraid seeing him. She says she has not enough time, she has to learn how to make rotis to teach Sonal. Siddhi says she avoided cooking for studies now she has to cook for study. Siddhi gets nervous and drops water jug.

Shiva tells her to stand quietly for some time. He cleans the mess and then he sits on floor with the roti making ingredients. He instructs her to add less salt and to add water slowly. He also says to make the dough soft and smooth. Siddhi starts making the dough and she looks at Shiva. Shiva tells her to concentrate. He touches her hand in order to show her the right process of preparing the dough. They stare at each other.

Episode ends.

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