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Bawara Dil 25th May 2021 Written Update Siddhi wins the challenge

Bawara Dil 11th May 2021 Written Update: Shiva accepts Ishvar's invitation
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Bawara Dil 25th May 2021 Written Update Siddhi wins the challenge

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The Episode starts with Siddhi and Shiva looking at each other while making the dough. Shiva removes his hand. Siddhi finished making the dough. Shiva makes round rotis and tells Siddhi to do it. Siddhi finds it difficult and Shiva gets close to her and shows her the right process by standing behind. Shiva looks at her and then he leaves her. Siddhi gets shocked seeing the shape and calls Shiva. Siddhi says she read geography but the her roti shape matches with no map. Shiva laughs after looking at the roti. He says I am trying to control my laugh but its not easy.

Mangal talks to Vilas regarding her insult. She scolds Vilas for not executing the plan properly. She says I can’t forget that I apologises to Siddhi’s father. Vilas asks but how Shiva got the necklace. Mangal says Ishvar might have given him. Mangal says now she will not fail Siddhi in roti making challenge.

Shiva takes one container cap and makes the round shape. Siddhi gets happy. Shiva says this isn’t the right way to make rotis. Siddhi gets upset. She then makes the round shape after trying several times. Siddhi gets excited and is about to hug Shiva but she and Shiva feel awkward. He roasts the rotis and tells Siddhi to do it as well. He says he is going to take shower. Later Shiva notices Siddhi again and comes back to say that she doesn’t need to thank him for this as they can teach each other new things like this. Shiva says he wants to learn English from Siddhi to remove the tag of Jahil. Siddhi smiles.

Mangal enjoys having the rotis and she thinks its made by Vijaya. Vijaya is about to tell that Siddhi made it but Siddhi stops her. Bunty and Bablu ask for pickle. Siddhi and Vijaya go to kitchen. Siddhi tells Vijaya that Mangal is happily eating the rotis, she doesn’t want to interrupt her by revealing she made it. Else Mangal will refuse to eat. Vijaya says but Mangal should know you won challenge. Siddhi says after some days we’ll inform her. Siddhi then thinks of giving some rotis to Malini.

Siddhi closer Malini’s eyes to give her surprise. Siddhi feeds her the rotis. Malini gets emotional seeing the soft Rotis. She praises Siddhi. She gets to know Shiva taught Siddhi how to make Rotis not Vijaya. Siddhi diverts the topic. Malini prays to God for Siddhi’s happiness. Siddhi finds one dress of hers. Malini tells Siddhi to keep it. She compliments Siddhi saying she is looking sexy in that dress. Siddhi teases Malini saying then you take it. Siddhi leaves with tiffin box, Malini put jaggery in it.

Siddhi concentrates on her studies but she gets distracted looking at the dress she brought from her house. She thinks of wearing it to see it fits her or not. She wears it and flaunts her dress. She looks into the mirrror. Shiva comes in the meantime and gets mesmerized looking at Siddhi. He goes towards her and Siddhi turns back and gets shocked seeing him. They get awkward feeling. Shiva leaves the room saying he has some vital work.

Shiva takes deep breath. Jalwa discusses about work and Shiva gets annoyed and tells him to leave. Siddhi comes after changing clothes. Shiva recalls the incident. Shiva again feels awkward seeing her. Siddhi says you could have knocked before entering the room. Shiva says you could have locked the door. Siddhi says I am going to study, don’t disturb me. Shiva says he will exercise to calm his mind. Siddhi and Shiva fight with each other and Siddhi leaves.

Episode ends

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