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Bawara Dil 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Bawara Dil 11th May 2021 Written Update: Shiva accepts Ishvar's invitation
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Bawara Dil 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Mangal asking Vilas from where did Siddhi learn to make rotis. Who taught her? Vilas says she should find such solutions earlier. Mangal calls Sonal and tells her to get ready for going to temple but Sonal says she didn’t go to college but she wants to study in home. Siddhi is waiting for her. Mangal gets irked and says God won’t wait for her. Why is Sonal being so adamant? Sonal leaves to study. Mangal says Siddhi is brainwashing everyone. She has to teach her a lesson.

Sonal gets surprised to know Hamlet’s story written by Shakespeare. She discusses about the story saying it would have been better if Hamlet didn’t have a mother. Mangal misunderstands it and starts blaming Siddhi that she is manipulating Sonal and provoking her against her mother. In the name of studies she is misusing Sonal’s emotions.

Mangal throws the books and says Sonal won’t study now. Sonal says why Mangal is behind ruining her studies. Before also she challenged Siddhi of making round rotis. Mangal says Siddhi won the challenge by cheating, Siddhi tries to explain but Mangal says she doesn’t want to hear her nonsense talk. She says Shiva would have taught Siddhi a good lesson for her act.

Shiva while driving thinks of Siddhi and the romantic dream. He says now it’s enough, he is brave and people respect him and he should get scared of such small thing. One car is about to hit his jeep but he handles the situation somehow. He thinks of arguing with Siddhi after reaching home so that his mind gets diverted and he doesn’t see such dreams. Siddhi also loves quarreling.

Sonal cries and Siddhi consoles her. Vijaya asks what happened? Sonal says Mangal is blaming Siddhi for no reason. They were just studying peacefully. Mangal comes with fire torch and says to Siddhi you like to create misunderstanding right? After you became daughter in law, this house’s peace got ruined. Mangal says Siddhi wants to separate Sonal from her. She seeks for revenge and burns Sonal’s books. Siddhi snatches it from her.

Mangal says if Sonal continues her studies after what happened today, she won’t spare anyone. Sonal says for God’s sake don’t do this. Mangal says to Sonal you said no to me because of Siddhi.

Later Mangal threatens to burn herself and says Sonal can study after her mother’s death. Mangal tries to burn herself but Siddhi stops her drama and refuses to teach Sonal. She says now please calm down, I’ll obey what you said. I won’t teach Sonal. Sonal tells Siddhi I trusted you the most that atleast you’ll understand my dreams but you too failed to do so. Sonal leaves crying.

Mangal tells Siddhi you can’t come between me and my children. I won’t tolerate your interference. Siddhi gets heartbroken and cries. Shiva reaches home and gets shocked seeing the fire torch on floor. He looks anxiously at Siddhi. Sonal runs towards him and hugs him. She cries badly and tells him she wants to study, she only failed once, she will pass next time. Shiva consoles her and promises her he will talk to Mangal. Siddhi hugs Sonal.

Shiva asks Mangal why are you making it a big deal? Mangal says Siddhi is not good for Sonal. Shiva will bring another teacher for Sonal but she can’t allow Siddhi to teach Sonal. Shiva says but Siddhi is a teacher. Mangal says you should respect your mother’s opinion.

Sonal leaves upset after she gets to know Mangal didn’t agree. Siddhi says she doesn’t want to destroy the peace of this house. She won’t teach Sonal from now. Noone should face problem because of her. She further says Sonal needs tuition, Shiva assures her that Sonal will get it. Shiva feels sad for Siddhi and leaves.

Ishvar calls Siddhi and informs her University exam date is near. She should start her preparations. Siddhi says she didn’t check the notice. Ishvar asks is everything fine in Shiva’s house? Siddhi recalls Mangal’s drama and thinks whether she should tell this to Ishvar or not.

Episode ends

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