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Bawara Dil 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Bawara Dil 18th May 2021 Written Update: Shiva takes up a challenge for Siddhi
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Bawara Dil 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Akka Bai asking Siddhi if she knows the real culprit, she should reveal who betrayed Akka Bai. Siddhi tells Akka Bai to listen to Sagar carefully. Sagar confesses that he sent the video to Narpat. Akka Bai is about to slap him but Sagar says when Narpat offered him money he informed Shiva about it. Shiva told him to win Narpat’s trust and he got to know last night that one of Akka Bai’s supporters is helping Narpat too. Narpat invited him in his party. Akka Bai tells Bhave to find out about the supporter named Anant. Akka Bai still scolds Sagar for leaking Shiva’s video. She tells Sagar not to show his face as she can’t allow him to give another information to Narpat. Akka Bai adds Sagar should be thankful that she is not beating him as he is Shiva’s brother in law. Sagar leaves. Akka Bai apologises to Shiva for scolding him. She says she is proud of him. Akka Bai thanks Siddhi too for saving Shiva. She tells Siddhi to keep supporting her husband. Siddhi says mention not beforehand, Jalwa praises Siddhi. Shiva later thanks her. Mangal and Vilas watch them.

Sarkar offers job to Sagar. He says he liked Sagar’s style of working. Sarkar says from now Sagar will work for him. Sagar gets happy. Yashwant tells Siddhi why she saved Shiva, if she didn’t Shiva would have been free from Akka Bai’s trap. Siddhi says she did all these to prove Jalwa innocent. Siddhi wonders what Akka Bai did for Shiva that he is so much faithful to her.

Yashwant gets happy seeing kheer made by Vijaya. Mangal gets into deep thought and later she asks Siddhi why Sagar didn’t get punished for his crime? Shiva faced humiliation for him. Shiva tells Mangal to forget about all these. Mangal keeps talking about the injustice. She is about to leave the dinner table angrily but Siddhi asks Mangal what punishment she wants to give to Sagar? Mangal says Sagar is not her family member. But Siddhi is. Yashwant tries to shut Mangal up but Siddhi tells Mangal to give her the punishment on behalf of Sagar. Siddhi gives her hand. She says to maintain the peace of the house she can tolerate everything. Mangal is about to hit on Siddhi’s palm but she stops saying she will have food first to satisfy her hunger. Siddhi leaves.

Siddhi makes food in the kitchen next day and Shiva comes to her. He hesitates to talk. Siddhi tells him to hurry up as she doesn’t have much time. Shiva apologises to Siddhi for Mangal’s behaviour. Siddhi says for how long they will keep asking for apology. Shiva agrees. Shiva insists to wash the kitchen utensils to help Siddhi. Siddhi says she will manage everything. Shiva tells her to focus on studies. He orders Siddhi and she leaves. Sonal teases Shiva saying he has good control over Siddhi. She says Shiva fights with Siddhi the most because he loves her. Shiva tells her to go back to study as new teacher will come to teach her.

Siddhi gets surprised seeing a lady who is looking into the mirror repeatedly and flaunting her look. Siddhi asks her what does she want? Seeing Siddhi in messy look the lady says she doesn’t talk to servants, she will talk to Shiva, Jalwa sent her. Siddhi gets shocked.

Episode ends

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