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Bawara Dil 31st May 2021 Written Update Mangal blames Siddhi for everything

Bawara Dil 11th May 2021 Written Update: Shiva accepts Ishvar's invitation
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Bawara Dil 31st May 2021 Written Update Mangal blames Siddhi for everything

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Mangal asking Shiva why is he holding broom? Shiva says he will do the cleaning not Siddhi. Mangal gets shocked. She tells Shiva to not do these things. Shiva says they will divide household chores among them. Doing household work is not shameful. Shiva tells Vilas to clean stuffs. He tells Mangal to take rest. Shiva looks at Siddhi and says according to her he is Jahil but he can clean his house properly. Siddhi stays quiet. Mangal gets annoyed looking at Siddhi. She tells Shiva she can’t see him working like a servant, Shiva says it’s his house and it’s his responsibility to keep his house clean. Jalwa gets surprised seeing Shiva sweeping the area. He says it’s like a breaking news. He makes video of Shiva and teases him. Shiva tells him not to. Jalwa says this video won’t get viral.

Jalwa shows the video to his gang and makes fun of Shiva. Sagar comes in the meantime to meet Shiva. He asks Jalwa Shiva didn’t contact him for long so he came to meet him. Jalwa says Shiva will contact him when he will feel the need. Seeing Shiva’s jeep Sagar further asks is Shiva in his house? Jalwa diverts the topic saying Shiva is in Panchayet office. He left the jeep for Jalwa. Jalwa goes somewhere with his friends and Sagar sees Shiva’s video in Jalwa’s phone. He thinks of using it against Shiva.

Sagar gives the video to Narpat’s informer. Narpat video calls him and asks how will they use this video against Akka Bai? Sagar says Shiva is cleaning his own house, only they know about it not others. Sagar says they can frame Akka Bai saying she tortures her men as servants just how Shiva is sweeping in Akka Bai’s house. Narpat gets impressed and praises Sagar. He says now Shiva and Akka Bai both will face humiliation.

Siddhi talks to Shiva. She says Shiva doesn’t need to do cleaning and all these. Siddhi says she will manage household chores. Shiva says do you also think like my mother, that men should stay away from household responsibilities. Siddhi says nothing like that, she likes to do her own job. Siddhi says she will study in early morning and household responsibilities she will manage after that. Shiva smiles, Siddhi says you don’t believe me? Shiva makes Siddhi understand that she is not all rounder and she will fall sick after handling so much work. He tells her to focus on studies only as only few days are left for her exams also he doesn’t want his family to interrupt in Siddhi’s studies. Siddhi starts arguing and Shiva tells her why do you like to question me all the time? I won’t repeat saying same thing again. Later Shiva gets a notification and gets shocked seeing his video got viral and reporter is criticising Akka Bai. Siddhi looks at Shiva.

Shiva tells Jalwa he told him not to make video but still he did. Jalwa says he is clueless how it happened. Akka Bai arrives and she talks to Shiva. Akka Bai asks how Narpat got this video and who made it? Shiva says it was made for fun. Jalwa wanted to tease him. Akka Bai grabs Jalwa’s collar asks angrily means you betrayed me. Shiva and Siddhi take stand for Jalwa saying Jalwa is trustworthy and he wouldn’t have come here to confess if he is behind this. Akka Bai taunts Siddhi saying you are educated then you will find the culprit. Akka Bai scolds Shiva for breaking her trust. She says everytime Shiva does something wrong to ruin her political image she always gets busy handling the problem but not anymore. Akka Bai gives ultimatum to Shiva saying if he fails to catch the betrayer he won’t show his face to her again.

Shiva looks upset. Mangal blames Siddhi for everything. She says Siddhi forced Shiva to sweep else this situation wouldn’t have occurred. Shiva tells Mangal to stop her drama. Jalwa says to Shiva he didn’t give the video to Narpat, he even is ready to get punished. Siddhi says Jalwa should not feel guilty but he can help Shiva in finding the real culprit, by recalling whom Jalwa met after recording the video. Shiva says he is trying his best to find the person.

Episode ends.

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