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Bawara Dil 3rd June 2021 Written Update Mangal’s New plan for Siddhi

बावरा दिल 16 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: शिवजी सिद्धि के लिए चिंतित हो गए
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Bawara Dil 3rd June 2021 Written Update Mangal’s New plan for Siddhi

Bawara Dil The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Malvika saying she wants to talk to Shiva. Vijaya thinks Malvika is new maid but Siddhi says she is another person who came to meet Shiva. Vijaya says she did so much make up. Malvika asks what do you mean? Malvika again tells Siddhi to call Shiva. Jalwa introduces Malvika to Siddhi saying she is Sonal’s new teacher. Malvika gets shocked seeing Sonal. She tells Jalwa that Sonal is not kid, she was asked to teach a kid. Jalwa asks does she have any problem? Malvika gets mesmerized seeing Shiva’s physique. She agrees to teach Sonal. Jalwa praises Shiva, how he manages Akka Bai’s work greatly.

Malvika flirts with Shiva and praises his physique. She tells him to meet her in hotel. Siddhi gets irked and says this teacher is interested in Shiva more than teaching Sonal. Shiva thinks Malvika is talking about fees. He leaves for work. Malvika asks Sonal does Shiva have any girlfriend? Sonal says Shiva is married, she introduces Siddhi to Malvika saying she is Shiva’s wife. Malvika gets shocked and says sorry to Siddhi for misbehaving. She thinks Siddhi doesn’t look good with Shiva. Later Sonal tells Siddhi she won’t take tuition from Malvika as she doesn’t seem good. Siddhi says Sonal will concentrate on her studies as Shiva found a teacher after lot of struggle.

Siddhi is unable to concentrate on studies, she keeps thinking about what Malvika said to Shiva. She gets annoyed. Shiva asks Siddhi did she like the new teacher? Siddhi vents out her anger on him and says he is really excited to meet her in the hotel. Shiva says he doesn understand why Malvika wants to meet him? Shiva is about to leave but Siddhi thinks she is going to meet Malvika. He asks for his goggles, Siddhi angrily keeps the box on table and the goggles get broken. Shiva wonders why Siddhi becomes angry all of a sudden everytime. Siddhi tells him to take another one but he doesnt take it. Shiva leaves, Siddhi says why is she behaving this way, its Shiva’s life, he can do what he wants.

Yashwant asks Shiva about Malvika, he says Malvika is more conscious about her looks and she can’t teach Sonal properly. Yashwant asks Shiva did he ask Siddhi about the teacher, she is perfect for Sonal or not. Shiva says yes. New maid thanks Shiva for hiring her. Mangal tells Vilas that Shiva never thought of his mother but brought new maid for Siddhi. Mangal thinks she won’t let Siddhi handle any work properly.

Siddhi gets eye infection and Vijaya takes her to doctor. Vijaya informs Shiva about it. Vijaya says Shiva should take care of her. Shiva gets worried. Mangal taunts Siddhi while she was resting and Shiva enters his room to see her. Siddhi tells Mangal not to worry. Vijaya says she wants to perform nazar utaro ritual for Siddhi and Shiva. Siddhi is facing problem since she entered the house. Siddhi and Shiva go out of their room. Mangal takes Siddhi’s eye drop bottle and replaces it with extract of chili powder and pepper mixture. Shiva blames himself for Siddhi’s condition. He apologises to Siddhi. He asks how will she study now. Siddhi says she will be okay after using the eye drops. Mangal says Siddhi’s eyes should be closed forever.

Episode ends

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