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Bawara Dil 8th July 2021 Written Update Siddhi says Shiva to use his brain

Bawara Dil 8th July 2021 Written Update Siddhi says Shiva to use his brain

Bawara Dil Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Bawara Dil 8th July 2021 Written Update.

The episode starts with Akkabai telling Siddhi that she taught her lesson just how Siddhi insulted Sarkar, she got the insult back. Akkabai laughs at her. Siddhi smiles and says this is a childish behavior. It doesn’t suit a powerful politician like her. Siddhi tells her to grow up as the way Akkabai behaved today she made fun of her age and experience. Akkabai gets irked. Siddhi further adds Akka Bai can’t change anything in her by such type of act.

Siddhi reaches house and Vijaya gets shocked to see mud on her cloth and face. Siddhi says an insane lady splashed mud on her, who was drunk and rude. She didn’t argue with that woman much as arguing with a stupid is a complete waste. Shiva hears that and feels bad for Siddhi. Siddhi goes inside.

Mangal notices Siddhi and asks how it happened. She tells Siddhi to clean herself. Siddhi goes to washroom. Later she calls house help to clean the floor which got dirty because of mud. Akkabai arrives with some expensive clothes for Siddhi. Mangal tells Vilas maybe these are for Sonal as they talked about her marriage proposal. She calls Sonal but Akkabai reveals these gifts are for Siddhi.

Siddhi turns on the shower and gets into deep thought. She recalls how Akkabai took her life decisions and Shiva too hurt her. Later she goes to kitchen and Vijaya informs her about Akka Bai’s arrival. Siddhi meets her. Akkabai says she splashed mud on Siddhi by mistake and she is sorry for that. In order to apologise she brought new clothes for Siddhi. Shiva gets shocked to hear that. He understands that Siddhi was hinting at Akka Bai. Siddhi even called her insane lady. Siddhi says she doesn’t believe in pretty faces but good heart matters to her. Thats why she came back with the dirt on her clothes. She adds Akkabai realised her mistake that’s enough, but she can’t accept those expensive gifts by compromising her self respect. Shiva tells Siddhi to accept the gifts but the latter refuses. Akka Bai doesn’t say anything further and she tells Shiva to make arrangements for a press conference where she will talk to Rudrait people regarding election.

Shiva enters his room angrily and questions Siddhi why she talked ill about Akkabai and called her insane and rude etc. Siddhi replies then what she should do. Akkabai is a person who orders a husband to slap his wife for no reason, while she should be ashamed of her own son Sarkar. Siddhi calls it a dirty politics as Akkabai overlooks her son’s crimes also she splashed mud on Siddhi’s face knowingly and then to show off she brought gifts for her. That’s nothing but a drama. Shiva tells Siddhi to shut up as Siddhi crossed her limits today. He says Akkabai already cleared it was all misunderstanding then why Siddhi is not believing it.

Latter says she is not blind like Shiva. She can get what is Akkabai trying to do. But Shiva is so stupid that he can’t understand Akka Bai’s tricks. Akka Bai uses people like Shiva for her own benefits. Shiva loses his temper and throws a glass. Siddhi says latter is unable to hear the bitter truth. But she is not Akka Bai’s slave neither Akkabai did any favor on her just how she did on Shiva by getting him out of jail. Siddhi says she cant keep her mouth shut. She is not afraid to tell the truth. Siddhi tells Shiva to open his eyes to understand the reality. Shiva gets furious and says now he won’t listen a word against Akkabai. He leaves the room angrily.

Shiva beats Jalwa as he told the latter’s secret to Siddhi. Shiva tells him to leave else he will do something wrong to him out of anger. Jalwa thinks he shouldn’t have disclosed the truth to Siddhi.

Ishvar talks to Siddhi over phone and says her result will come out tomorrow. Siddhi says she didn’t know. Ishvar says he wanted to go to Puna to see Siddhi’s result but Akka Bai invited him for an urgent press conference. Siddhi tells him that she will attend the press conference to ask questions to Akka Bai. She tells Ishvar to go to Puna.Bawara Dil 8th July 2021 Written Update.

Episode ends

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