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Bawara Dil 9th July 2021 Written Update: Siddhi’s questions trouble for Akkabai

Bawara Dil 9th July 2021 Written Update: Siddhi’s questions trouble for Akkaba

Bawara Dil Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Bawara Dil 9th July 2021 Written Update…..

Episode starts with Akkabai coming to press conference. Bhave informs Akkabai that Ishvar didn’t come yet. Siddhi comes and says instead of her father she will question Akkabai today. Does Akkabai have any problem? Latter says not at all. Shiva tells Siddhi she should have asked him once before coming here. Siddhi says whats so wrong in it. Siddhi sits and Bhave gives a set of questions to Siddhi saying she will ask these only to Akkabai.

Siddhi smiles and says if Akkabai chooses particular questions for herself then whats the point of calling a press conference. Bhave tells her not to argue. Akkabai gives speech and says because of her progress happened in Rudrait. Rudrait people respect her a lot and even if she loses the election she will always love them. Everyone claps for her.

Vijaya lights diyas in house as its new moon. Its good to keep away all the negativites. Mangal says its superstition. Akkabai says time is over, she is getting late. She is about to leave the press conference but Siddhi stops her and asks what will Akkabai do if she wins the election. Akkabai is about to answer but Siddhi says she won’t ask what Akkabai told her to ask. Later Siddhi talks about the accident when a person hit someone years ago and got arrested. But Akkabai saved that person. Why she helped a random person that day.

Akkabai starts sweating and says she is not getting what Siddhi is trying to ask her. Siddhi says her second question is what happened to that injured man, is he dead and what happened to his family, where are they? Shiva tells Siddhi not to create a scene in front of media. Journalists ask what kind of accident was that. Akkabai suddenly acts like falling sick. Bhave announces that everyone can take a break as Akkabai is sick. Siddhi smiles seeing the tension on Akkabai’s face.

Siddhi asks Akkabai that the latter has to tell about the past incident as that person whom she saved from getting punished is Siddhi’s husband Shiva. Akkabai forced her to marry Shiva so she has the right to know what happened then. Why Shiva left his studies and became her puppet. Akkabai gets annoyed and tells her that she is smarter than Siddhi. Siddhi says she is also intelligent enough to handle all these. Shiva comes and Siddhi leaves form there.

Akkabai stops Shiva and says she saved him that day as she was genuinely worried for his future. She cares for Rudrait people truly. She won’t give any explanation why she did that. She says but her intention was pure, she didn’t think about her profit. Shiva feels sad and says he didn’t reveal anything to Siddhi. Akkabai says things are not in her hands anymore, his accident case came to light again and now Shiva should leave the place forever. Akkabai shows fake tears to him. Shiva gets hurt and leaves.

Siddhi reaches home and Ishvar congratulates her as she got distinction and passed the entrance exam. Siddhi gets delighted but Mangal gets irked. Ishvar leaves saying Malini is waiting for him. Before leaving he gives the result to Shiva and thanks him for doing so much for Siddhi. She got qualified because of his support.

Shiva tells Siddhi that he tolerated all her insults, but he can’t see tears in Akkabai’s eyes whom he considers God. Shiva says Siddhi has too much pride for her education. But her certificate has no value after what she has done today. Then Shiva burns Siddhi’s certificate angrily. Siddhi tells him not to do that but in vain. Everyone gets shocked. Mangal gets happy to see Shiva’s changed attitude. Siddhi gets upset.

Episode ends

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