Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2022 Written Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2022 Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the latest episode Anu on-call Me Singhania. Vibhu asks which stupid you were talking to. Anu says mind your language, I was talking to Mr. Singhania he is a very big businessman, he wants a business partner and his wife is very suspicious so he wants someone who is married. Vibhu says what’s the problem, you are married and you want to be a business partner.

Anu says we should also lool as husband and wife. Vibhu says what does that mean sleep infront of them or should I dance for them. Anu says my clients are not useless like your friends, just behave like a husband. Vibhu says you mean a servant. Anu says you want a big drama and want me to throw you out.

Tiwari and Angoori spending romantic times. Tiwari says I have decided we will cut your cake on iffel tower. Angoori says I know you won’t, Tiwari says we will. Angoori says you just say things but never go on vacation, Tiwari says I promise this time I will. Angoori gets a call from Daddu, and Tiwari gets upset. Daddu says a boy named Champak will come to see you, he has some work.

Tiwari says to Angoori, say no give excuses. Daddu says listen Angoori, Champak is very rich and he wants to invest in Tiwari’s business, Tiwari gets excited and says hello Daddu, when will Champak come. Daddu says the day after and he is very rich take care. Angoori asks why are you so happy now, you were zo annoyed first. Tiwari says your Daddu gave such good news

David wakes up crying. Anu and Vibhu ask what is wrong. David says I am missing Khajori, Anu asks who is Khajuri. Vibhu says our aunt isn’t named Khajori. David says I met her at a wedding, I fell in love with her married her, and then I went to London for work and settled there, Anu asks where is she now. David says she is no more and I miss her so much. Vibhu says I understand this pain of separation. Anu asks how do you know this pain. Vibhu says you go Lakhimpur, I miss you. Anu says aww.

David says I loved Khajori a lot and missed her. Vibhu says Anu you go sleep I will talk to chachaji and come back. David starts laughing and says I remember Khajori’s naughtiness. Vibhu says you are unbelievable. TMT at the bar, upset. Teeka says I still remember once Rhusa was plucking mangoes, I scared her and she slapped me, I still remember her slap. Tilu says I remember her kick.

Prem and Gupta walk into the bar and discuss the land deal. Prem says how will we get more money this land is near sewage. Tilu walks to them drunk and tells them Rhusa cheated on them, Prem and Gupta leave seeing they are drunk. TMT unaware keep expressing their love for Rhusa. The bar owner walks to them and asks to pay reel. Malkan says look they left when we were in pain. The owner calls his bouncers.

Anu thanks Angoori for coming with her for Ram Navami pooja, Angoori says why thank me, you are my best friend, and feel free to ask for any help. Angoori tells Anu the importance of Ram Navami, that Ramji was born to end Ravan and he was very loyal towards Sita and so every woman wishes to have a husband like him. Angoori says I have Tiwari. Anu says I have Vibhu. Anu and Angoori see Vibhu and Tiwari in Ram avatar. Tiwari and Vibhu ask them why are they staring.

Angoori watering plants, Vibhu walks to her and greets her, and asks why doesn’t she sing anymore. Saxena walks to them, Angoori says you two talk and leaves. Saxena shows Vibhu Ohija board. Vibhu asks did you ever call any normal soul. Saxena says I did my grandpa but your grandpa came and he said, he use to meet a dancer.

Vibhu says yes right. Saxena says he also spoke about your father in Himalaya. Vibhu says right and you know David’s uncle and his lot of love tie-ups but he did fall in true love with a woman and he misses his love Khajori and if he goes into depression due to it what will happen to my 20crore. Saxena says don’t worry I am here. Anu waiting for the auto, Tiwari arrives near her in auto.

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