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Bhagyalakshmi 24th May 2021 Written Update Ezhil shares his feelings

भाग्यलक्ष्मी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: भाग्या में इनाया के जीवन की भीख माँगने के लिए।
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Bhagyalakshmi 24th May 2021 Written Update Ezhil shares his feelings

Bhagyalakshmi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Ezhil dragging Chezhian to have a conversation with him. Chezhian says he has work and is not jobless Ike him. Ezhil says he’s a big director and asks him to behave. Chezhian asks if his happiness is about Amirtha. Ezhil asks how did he know this. Chezhian says he’s experienced and asks his next assumption. He asks if the guy is really Amirtha’s father and not father in law and that he lied about her marriage.

 Ezhil says he’s wrong as he’s Amirtha’s father in law only and Amirtha is married. Chezhian gets confused at his words and Ezhil says that Amirtha is married at an young age of 18. He also says that her husband seemed nice and wanted to fulfill her wish to study which is why her in laws are letting her study. He adds that it doesn’t mean they are making her study. Ezhil says that it’s Amirtha who’s working and paying for her studies and also taking care of her in laws. Chezhian says its really great of her to handle all these pressure at such an young age. He also asks if he’s happy that her husband is no more.

 Ezhil asks he isn’t that bad to think so. He says that he was upset as she hid about her marriage from him but got relieved as she shared her feelings with him. Chezhian is sure that Ezhil loves her Ezhil denies it. Chezhian asks him to be careful as the family won’t accept it. Ezhil reminds him about his issue with Jenny.

At home Bhagya comes back from the house owner’s place with the documents Radhika requested for. Gopi tries to scare Bhagya and warns her about the problems that will arise if something goes wrong. He scares her saying about all the negative possibilities like cheating etc. Ishwari asks if its true and asks Bhagya why is she getting involved in unnecessary issues.

Bhagya stands worried when Ezhil states that she’s just passing the information and has no hands in any of the decisions made. He says Bhagya not to worry as she’ll not face any problems. Ramamoorthy too supports him irking Gopi and Ishwari. Bhagya calls Radhika. Radhika and says her about the documents. Radhika says she’s leaving for Karaikudi and asks her to send the details in WhatsApp using Ezhil. Ezhil did as she said. Gopi gets frustrated that Bhagya is not listening to him. He calls Radhika and tries scaring her with legal issues too but she too brushes it off. Gopi gets irritated.

Episode ends.

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