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Bhagyalakshmi 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update

भाग्यलक्ष्मी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: भाग्या में इनाया के जीवन की भीख माँगने के लिए।
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Bhagyalakshmi 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Bhagyalakshmi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Bhagya informing everyone that Radhika don’t want to buy the house and demands the advance back. Gopi gets happy and leaves taunting Bhagya. Ishwari too taunts her and says that Sundari won’t let go off the issue easily. Bhagya gets worried. Bhagya comes to Gopi’s room and Gopi sweet talks with her. He asks the reason for her tension and Bhagya says about Sundari. Gopi says that this is the reason he wanted her to listen to him but she never did.

Bhagya says this is the first time she didn’t listen to him and apologised him. He says that she’s very helpful but that could land her in a  mess. He asks her to not to get involved in Radhika’s business anymore nor bring her kid home as it may create problems for them. Bhagya agrees to never repeat it again. Gopi asks her to stop having contact with Radhika but Bhagya denies. She says she won’t get involved in any more issues but will continue her friendship with Radhika. She leaves while Gopi gets irked.

Chezhian shows some house pictures to Jenny and says that he’s planning to buy a house. He explains about the interior and plan for the house when Jenny notices there’s not enough space for others. Chezhian says it’s for only them which they need when they move out later. Jenny gets stunned hearing it and denies moving out with him. She says that he will be busy with his work while it will be her who need to stay alone at home. She says she likes the home and can’t stay separated from them.

Chezhian gets irked with her words and says that she resembles his mother who always does the opposite. Jenny says that he resembles his father and so it’s right for her to behave this way. They both argue and Chezhian drops the plan calling Jenny non supportive. Jenny persuades Chezhian into forgiving her and they both make up. Selvi asks Ramamurthy about gold prices and shares her long time wish of buying few ornaments. Bhagya asks her to work soon. Sundari comes there regarding the remaining pay for the house. Ishwari asks Bhagya if she didn’t say anything to Sundari.

Bhagya nods no. Sundari asks the matter for which Bhagya says that Radhika demands the advance back as she don’t want the house. Sundari gets furious upon hearing it and demands the reason for it. Ishwari says that they are not satisfied with the documents and thus wants the advance back. This infuriates Sundari more and says that’s her ancestral property and there’s no issues with it. Ramamurthy asks her to give the money back as they can’t do anything if the buyer don’t want to buy it.

 Sundari says that she has invested the money in painting work and can’t able to return it. Saying so she leaves while Bhagya stands shocked. Ramamurthy asks her not to worry as he will speak with her husband get the money back but says that 10 or 20k as compensation. Ishwari taunts Bhagya for her foolish act while Bhagya stands worried. Ezhil visits Amirtha and gives her chocolate as a token of friendship. Amirtha says that she made it clear with her in laws that he’s her friend and will not break ties with him. Ezhil gets happy.

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