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Bhagyalakshmi 27th May 2021 Written Update Bhagya”s New plans

भाग्यलक्ष्मी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: भाग्या में इनाया के जीवन की भीख माँगने के लिए।
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Bhagyalakshmi 27th May 2021 Written Update Bhagya”s New plans

Bhagyalakshmi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Amirtha saying Ezhil that she made it clear with her in laws that she would do as she please end they can’t control her. Ezhil praises her for her boldness. Amirtha blames her fate where she’s living as she gave to. Ezhil says that even then she lives doing what she wants to do. Ezhil suggests her to join in his crew as she’s very much interested in cine field. Amirtha says she doesn’t have time due to part time jobs.

Ezhil asks her to quit her part time jobs and work for him and he’ll pay with the rest of the crew. Amirtha likes the idea and agrees to join his team. At Bhagya’s House everyone gets ready tp leave for school. Gopi offers Iniya to drop her but Iniya says Bhagya, Selvi and Jenny too are coming with her as they need to cook for the party.  Gopi says he can’t take so many people and leaves when Iniya denies to come with him alone. Bhagya feels upset that Gopi didn’t even wish her all the best.

 Ishwari notices the bags and asks what they are taking. Bhagya says that she made sweets as they can’t cook everything there and also took her masala powder that could help her with the cooking. Jenny and Selvi too comes and Chezhian asks Jenny why’s she going. Jenny says that she’s leaving to help Bhagya. Chezhian asks her to stay at home as they need to answer her parents if she does all this work. Bhagya too agrees and asks Jenny to stay at home.

 However Jenny refuses to listen to Chezhian and wants to help Bhagya. Ishwari scolds Jenny for not listening to her husband’s words. Ramamurthy asks her not to interfere between husband and wife affairs. Ishwari shuts him and Ramamurthy mocks her to first listen to her own husband’s words. Iniya urges that she’s getting late and urges Chezhian to drop them. Chezhian agrees and everyone gets in the car.

Bhagya, Jenny and Selvi reach school and Selvi gets stunned seeing the size of the school. She asks Iniya about her classroom and Iniya shows it. Iniya leaves for her class and the others move forward. Principal greets them and Bhagya introduces Jenny and Selvi to her. Principal asks them to prepare food tasty and asks Shanti to help Bhagya with things. Principal leaves wishing Bhagya and Bhagya turns towards Shanti. She asks her where they should go but Shanti answers them angrily.

Everyone gets taken aback with her response and leaves the way she asked them to. Another lady comes to Selvi and asks about them. Selvi grudgingly says that she’s the new cook for the day. The lady asks why didn’t Principal give the contract to her for which Shanti says Principal rejected her just for her one mistake last time. She swears to ruin Bhagya’s cooking so that Principal would never dream of changing the contract. She decides to mess with Bhagya’s work.

Bhagya, Jenny and Selvi are waiting for Shanti6. They plan the menu in the meantime. They wonder where did Shanti go. Selvi says that she doesn’t like Shanti’s behavior and talks ill about her. Jenny and Bhagya advise her not judge anyone. They wonder whether non veg is included in the items. Shanti comes there and they asks whether non veg is present in the list but Shanti mocks them.

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