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BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2021 Written Update: Balwinder plan fails

BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2021 Written Update: Balwinder plan fails
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BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2021 Written Update: Balwinder plan fails: BhagyaLakshmi The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama. Sristhi opens the veil of Neha. Lakshmi questions why she did it. Neha says she wants to snatch my Rishi and she won’t deserve to get him. Rakhi asks Lakshmi to answer her. Lakshmi says she will question her. Karan apologizes to Preetha for making her wait in the cafeteria for attending video calls of meetings then they go to attend the marriage.

Balwinder and Bablu discuss Lakshmi and Sameer spies on them and mistakenly his hand touches the vase then he escapes from that place before Balwinder caughts him. Lakshmi questions why she wanted to break her Rishta with Rishi when everyone is happy about it and how can you do this to your sister and what’s this madness. Neha tells her she needs the luxurious life she is getting and she leaves our locking them in the room and tells them that she will marry Rishi and no one can stop her.

BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2021 WrittenUpdate: Balwinder plan fails

BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2021 Written Update

Preetha hits Neha with a vase then she opens the door. Srishti applauds her sister and questions how she finds it. Preetha tells her she gets to know everything from their mom then they leave to Mandap after tying Neha to chair. Bablu shows Balwinder that Lakshmi is coming to Mandap. Balwinder says they have to implement their previous plan of making her drink the spiked drink then you will enter as Doctor and we will kidnap her.

Sameer overhears their plan. Virendra takes photos of Sonia with Karan. Sameer informs Karan about Balwinder’s plan to kidnap Lakshmi. Karan says where is Lakshmi. Preetha tells him how they made Lakshmi escaped from Neha. Karan tells her there is someone who’s here to stop the wedding. Balwinder sends Bablu to get ready as a Doctor. Sarla praises the efforts of Srishti and Rakhi then she tells Lakshmi that no one can snatch Rishi from her. Rano caughts Balwinder and asks him what’s she doing at marriage.

Balwinder shows her Lakshmi and tells her that he came to kidnap her. Rano gets shocked and says where is their Neha. Balwinder asks her to search for their daughter. Balwinder gives sleeping pills mixed water to Lakshmi saying Rishi sent it. Shalu and Bani teases her. Lakshmi is about to drink the water but Karan stops it on time by throwing the glass and he tries to catch him but Balwinder runs from that place.

BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2021 Written Update

Rishi caughts Balwinder and beats him badly and warns him to stay away from his would-be wife Lakshmi. Sameer tells Lakshmi that she is lucky to get a good husband like Rishi. Lakshmi stops Rishi then he tells her the Balwinder chapter is closed so don’t remember it on our important day. Ayush calls them to Mandap. Rishi requests her to not wear the Ghunghat and she agrees. Rishi asks Ayush to send Balwinder to jail. Lakshmi adjusts his dress then he thanks her then they leave for Mandap.

Wedding rituals get started. Neha feels angry seeing their marriage from the first floor. Rishi and Lakshmi feel the spark when their hands touch. Pandit calls Lakshmi’s parents for Gadhbhandan Shalu asks Sarla if she can do it. Sarla agrees and she ties the Gadhbandan of them. Lakshmi kisses her hand and reminisces her parents in tears. Sarla kisses her forehead. BhagyaLakshmi 31st August 2021 Written Update.

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