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Bhagyalakshmi and Pandian stores Maha Sangam 21st June 2021 Written Update

भाग्यलक्ष्मी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: भाग्या में इनाया के जीवन की भीख माँगने के लिए।
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Bhagyalakshmi and Pandian stores Maha Sangam 21st June 2021 Written Update

Bhagyalakshmi and Pandian stores Maha Sangam The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Bhagya questions Dhanam why don’t her mom visit her house? Dhanam tells her she can come if she want but she will create scene there. If she do household work. Bhagya says to her all mothers are same they can’t able to see their daughters are working! She wishes to take care of her mother but situations are not allowing her to do it.

Dhanam questions Bhagya will she attend her baby shower function? She assures to Dhanam that she will definitely attend the function. Bhagya asks Dhanam to visit Chennai after baby borned. She wanna roam around all place to her baby. Dhanam tells to her they wishes to visit them in Chennai but work load are a lot. They have some problem in giving money to Radhika. But somehow case came favor to them so they are relief from the problem. Dhanam shares to her its an unexpected trip to Madurai. She never thought Moorthy will send her this much far? It seems she wishes to meet her here. Bhagya agrees with her and says to her that she cooked something special for Dhanam here. She can’t able to treat her well here. Dhanam nods and drinks the juice.

Kannan gives the phone to Iniya. She thank him and complaints to him that no one has the same charger here except him. Kannan assures to her that he will help her. Iniya questions Kannan what happened to him? Why is he always staying alone and lost in his thoughts? He is not talking with anyone like before? Kannan deny it. Iniya questions him Is he has love failure? Kannan shares to her that he liked one girl but that girl liked someone else. Iniya scolds him for not confessing his love on her correct time and let someone take her from him.

Kannan says it’s waste to discuss about this now. She belongs to someone else one. Iniya says to him ignore this he will get a new girl friends. Iniya adds that even she has three love failures. Aishu notices that Kannan is talking with Iniya happily. Iniya shares her story with him.
Aishu thinks that he don’t like to speak with her but happy with others. Kannan leaves from there after seeing Aishu. Aishu enquires to Iniya what did Kannan said to her? Iniya reduces to say it to her reasoning she will reveal this to all. She leaves from there ignoring Aishwarya. Aishwarya thinks that Kannan is ignoring her only it seems.

Easwari is talking with her husband happily. Iniya comments that grandma used to scold her husband when he is near her but now she is romancing with him in phone. Easwari complaints that all are teasing her so she will talk with him later. Kasthoori questions her Is she love married? She mentions her as Selvi. Kaathoori says to her she is not Selvi. Bhagya shares Easwari love story to all.

Jeny asks Mulla to share her love story. Kasthoori teases her. Bhagya praises Mullai’s love story. Malli asks Kasthoori to share her love story but she says to all that its not love marriage but arrange marriage. She complaints that her husband don’t know to romance with her too.Bhagya says that even Gopi don’t mind her at all. Kasthoori asks Malli to share her love story but she blushes it. Kasthoori questions Jeny doesn’t she married to Chezhiyan loved him? But he is always roaming with laptop and phone but she is sitting with Bhagya or Iniya. Easwari says that Chezhiyan has so much work. Ezhil and Chezhiyan are teasing Kannan along with Prasanth.

Kannan gets irritate and stays silent. He lies to all he is getting sleep. Ezhil is not allowing Chezhiyan to go and sleep and making fun with each other. Prasanth tries to escape from there but Ezhil didn’t allow him to leave from there. Prasanth shares Aishwarya matters with all. They are teasing him there Kannan gets irritate and leaves from there.

Chezhiyan questions Jeny where is she? He can’t able to find her anywhere in this house. He shares the house matter to her. Jeny says to him that house is not comfortable for everyone in that house. Chezhiyan says to her that house coming for low rate so he wishes to buy it. He asks her father to pay the amount to them builder will hold the house for him. He will transfer the amount to her father’s name. Jeny asks him to share this matter to Gopi and Bhagya. Chezhiyan refuses to do it reasoning he has some problem to share it with them. If he tells to them then they will fear that they are gonna live alone.

Bhagya shares her brother death incidents to Malli and Mulla. Malli shares her story to them. Mulla questions Bhagya why didn’t they arranged second marriage to Kavitha? Bhagya says that they didn’t think about it and she will get angry if she hears it. Malli says that she is treating Prasanth like her own son she never see him like stranger. Mulla comments that she eloped from mandap not able to take care of his brothers but she took care of Prasanth here. Malli says that she don’t liked Moorthy that’s why she didn’t marry him. Mulla teases her by saying its good she didn’t married to Moorthy or else she can’t able to tolerate her in that house. Malli complaints to Bhagya that she is teasing her always.

They leaves to cook but gets surprise to see Aishwarya cooked for all. They appreciates her for managing everything alone. Ezhil and Aishwarya are talking with each other about their passion. He came to know that she likes to study a lot and wanna be collector. He share it to Kannan also. Kannan smiles seeing her. Prasanth comes there to show fish to all. He holds Aishwarya hands Kannan dislikes it. Prasanth invites all to see the fish which he caught. Kannan deny it. Ezhil notices his facial expressions.

Episode end.

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