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Bharathi kannamma 10th September 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma 10th September 2021 Written Update
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Bharathi kannamma 10th September 2021 Written Update: Bharathi kannamma The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Tulasi questions Soundarya how come Kannamma learned about this news? These many years passed but she came to know this truth now. Soundarya tells her even she has no idea how did she know it? Tulasi tells her maybe someone informed her about this that’s why she is so confident in this matter.

Tulasi adds that she stayed with Kannamma for few days after that she left somewhere. She came back to her after 8 years. Soundarya tells her she is not suspecting her but alerting her to prevent the truth. Soundarya asks her to hide this matter from her. Tulasi questions her will Kannamma enquire her about it? Soundarya asks her to prepare herself to answer her.

Bharathi kannamma 10th September 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma 10th September 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma 10th September 2021 Written Update

Tulasi says to her that she can’t able to lie with her even after knowing the truth. Soundarya says to her she is not trying to separate Hema from her but trying to unite Bharathi Kannamma together. She hopes one day it will happen. Bharathi comes there and notices Soundarya talking with Tulasi he doubts what’s she doing with her? Doesn’t she Kannamma’s friend. Soundarya notices Bharathi and alerts Tulasi and leaves from there. Kannamma calls Anjali and enquires about her health. Kannamma tells her that she has so many questions to ask her. Kannamma says to her that she thought Bharathi married Venba. Even Soundarya lied to her Bharathi is married.

She came to know the truth about her baby shower function. Kannamma questions her who is Hema? Anjali doubts whether to answer her or not? Anjali informs Kannamma that Soundarya took Hema home from the orphanage. Kannamma questions her about what’s the need to bring her from Orphanage. Anjali tells her that the house seems empty on that day so Soundarya did like that to bring happiness to the home. Kannamma questions her how come Hema looks like her? Anjali tells her that she likes Kannamma a lot that’s why she took a baby like Kannamma.

Kannamma demands Anjali to say how come Lakshmi and Hema were born on the same day. Anjali tells her that Hema was born before but they are celebrating her birthday on the day Soundarya adopted Lakshmi. Kannamma tells her that she still has so many doubts about it.

Soundarya is not giving a clear answer to her. Anjali tells her that she had no idea about Hema because Soundarya used to never share anything with her before days. Kannamma gives some excuses and disconnects the call. Kannamma thinks whoever stayed with her on her delivery date? Anhali doubts why did Kannamma enquiring about it all now?

Kannamma reminds Tulasi and calls to her. Tulasi hesitates to attend the call thinking Kannamma will Crete a problem in her family if she comes to know the truth. Tulasi attends the call and enquires to her when her training will be complete. Kannamma wishes to meet her and questions her straightly. Tulasi fears the worst and decided to hide the truth.

Venu is reading the newspaper. Soundarya comes there and asks him to check what’s written for her on the astrology page. Venu questions her what’s bothering her? Soundarya informs him that the volcano gonna come here. Venu demands her to explain. Soundarya informs him that she went to meet Tulasi and alert her about Kannamma.

But Bharathi saw her with Tulasi there. Soundarya informs him that he knew well Tulasi was with Kannamma on her delivery day. He gonna questions her about this. Venu asks her to calm down let’s face it. Akhil comes there and informs him that Kannamma contacted Anjali and enquires her about Hema. Venu says that Kannamma didn’t believe their words it seems. The guess is that Kannamma gonna meet Tulasi hereafter. Tulasi fears the worst and gets ready to face Kannamma.

Kannamma meets Tulasi and enquires her about her training period. Kannamma demands she shares her secret with her. Kannamma questions her about her twin’s daughter? Tulasi pretends like she has no idea about it. She lies to her that she doesn’t know about her twin’s baby. She stands adamant in her answer and lies to her that she is not in her ward. Another nurse handled her. Kannamma keeps questioning Tulasi but she lied to her that she has no idea about her baby. Bharathi kannamma 10th September 2021 Written Update.

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