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Bharathi kannamma 24th May 2021 Written Update

भारती कन्नम्मा १० अप्रैल २०२१ लिखित अपडेट: सौंदर्या भावुक महसूस करती हैं
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Bharathi kannamma 24th May 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Kannamma beats Shanthi. She shows black and blue to her and hides from her sight. Shanthi starts shout in pain she is looking around whom beaten her. Venba questions Shanthi why is she rushing like this? Shanthi informs to her someone beaten her outside she has no idea who is it? She informs to Venba that she only noticed only her sarie. She says to her she is definitely Kannamma only. Shanthi takes Venba outside and shows to her how did she beaten her. Venba questions her who can beat her here? Shanthi informs to her its Kannamma only. She already got beaten from her. Venba agrees with her it’s hurts alot when did she slap.

Shanthi insults her that she has no shame to talk like this. They wishes to made Kannamma caught but she beaten her a lot. She wishes to leave from there but Venba stops her reasoning they will doubt them. Shanthi asks her to buy Biriyani for her then. Venba nods to her and takes her inside. Kannamma thinking about Hema. She thinks how did Hema entered in her life? She reminds how did she met Hema first in village? Then coincidently met her in school she fed to her. She reminds how did Hema visited Kannamma house first time and made her surprised. Kannamma thinks that Hema the one took her back to her house after 8 years.

Kannamma reminds how did she cooked in Soundarya house for Hema. She reminds her moments with Hema. Kannamma questions Hema Is she gonna call her as Cooking mom instead of cooking aunty hereafter? Hema nods to her. Hema shared to her that she loved to mention her as cooking mom. Kannamma reminded that how did Kannamma felt connected to Hema for no reason. She felt like Hema very close to her. Kannamma remind how did the truth about her revealed to Bharathi.

Kannamma thinks that Bharathi gonna react to this. He has no idea about who is cooking mom these many days that’s why he allowed Hema to bring close with her yet. Now he learnt the truth so she has no idea what will he up to? He used to imagine in his own unnecessary. He gonna separate Hema from her. What if he comes to know Lakshmi is her daughter then he will treat her badly too. Lakshmi comes there and questions her why did she crying? Kannamma informs to her nothing like that. Lakshmi questions her why did she stitching in midnight?

Lakshmi apologies to Kannamma and questions her Is she behaved wrongly in birthday function? Is it wrong to mention Bharathi as her father? Will her father gets angry on her? Kannamma hugs her and cries. She says to her that she can’t able to share everything with kids.

Bharathi is sitting in hall and thinking about Kannamma. He drinks more after learning Kannamma is cooking mom. He is furious on Kannamma for being close with Hema. He reminded how did he took lunch to school but Hema informed to him she ate full. She mentioned Cooking mom as mom. Hema shared to Bharathi that she was the one help her to find her father in village. How did she enjoyed while Kannamma fed to her. She compared her with her mom. Bharathi reminded whenever Hema mentioned about Kannamma as cooking mom.

Bharathi feels sad thinking about how did Hema thinking Kannamma very close to her? How did she feeling Kannamma as her mom. He remind the incident when did Kannamma came to his house and cooked sweets for everyone. How did Soundarya and Venu stopped him from meeting Kannamma. He reminded how did Soundarya praised Cooking mom in front of him. Venu, Akhil notices Bharathi is drinking in hall. Hema feels bad to see him drinking in hall.

Episode end.

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