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Bharathi kannamma 27th May 2021 Written Update Bharathi learnt truth

भारती कन्नम्मा १० अप्रैल २०२१ लिखित अपडेट: सौंदर्या भावुक महसूस करती हैं
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Bharathi kannamma 27th May 2021 Written Update Bharathi learnt truth

Bharathi kannamma The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Bharathi announces to all that he is gonna take Hema T.C from school. Hema says that she likes her current school don’t shift her anywhere she wants to study there. Akhil says to him let her study there. Bharathi says that he don’t like her studying her.

Hema says he is lying he didn’t like cooking mom that’s why he is trying to shift her from school. She questions him why is he angry on her why did he showing anger on her? She blames that he was blabbering her name yesterday whole night. Hema says to him that she likes to talk with cooking mom. She is considering cooking mom like her own mother why don’t he understand it?

Akhil asks Hema to get ready. Bharathi lashes out at Akhil and says to him that Hema is his daughter he know well how to take care of her. Venu complaints that he is ruining Hema’s education. Bharathi challenges them that he will take Hema to foreign and give international education to her. Venu asks him to take his own decisions but before that say a word to Soundarya. Bharathi says to him he has no fear to share it with her.

Venu informs to him that he can’t able to meet her if he shouts like this also. Soundarya admitted in hospital. He narrates the incident to him and complaint that he was not in his own sense yesterday. He was blabbering in drunk effect. Bharathi dials to the hospital and talk with the doctor. Bharathi inform to them she is doing well don’t black mail him with this incident. Bharathi leaves from there. Akhil fears what’s he gonna do in school.

Lakshmi and Kannamma are going in auto. Lakshmi questions her mom what did she cooked for lunch? She informs to her nothing special. If she needs anything buy it from school canteen. Kannamma informs to Kumar that she is going to stop cooking for school. She won’t cook more then three days. She adds that she wanna concentrate more in the current business. Kumar says it’s good to having two job because its salary will help her to lead family well.

Lakshmi says to her don’t quit this work because she is earning well in it. Before she used to work hard while stitching clothes this work is giving some time to Kannamma to take rest. kannamma thinks that she don’t wish to quit it but she has no option left in her hand. Bharathi already learnt the truth about Hema she wanna quit it before Bharathi learn about Lakshmi.

Kumar asks Kannamma to think once again. Kannamma says to him she gonna miss this. Kumar says to her that he don’t like her quit the work she is wasting one good opportunity. Lakshmi complaints that Hema gonna miss her cooking a lot. Kannamma assures to her that she will meet her when she is coming to pick her in evening.

Akhil complaints to Anjali that problems keeps popping in their family. Same problem coming often in their family in different format. It’s all linked with Bharathi and Kannamma. Anjali feels pity for Venu and Soundarya reasoning they might be happy in their age but they are facing a lot. Akhil says that he tried a lot to convince Bharathi but he is not giving up. Akhil asks Anjali to give birth to her baby soon. Then only Soundarya will concentrate on their baby instead of problems.

Anjali says that everything will be alright. Anjali feels like her chest is paining but she hides it from her husband. Akhil leaves to take juice for her. Anjali winces in pain and thinks its the third time paining. She don’t wanna make Akhil scared of it. Bharathi is driving the car thinking about the incident he thinks that everyone cheated him well. He will never leave this problem easily. Hema is his his daughter so he will never allow Hema to be close with kannamma.

Bharathi thinks that Kannamma intentionally being close with Hema to enter into his house again through her. He wishes to take her T.C soon. Hema is keep staring him. Bharathi meets the principal and informs to him. Principal questions him why did he asking Hema T.C soon? Bharathi inform to him that he is going to foreign Principal advises Bharathi to take it after a year still exams are not completed. Kannamma comes there Bharathi glares her.

Kannamma says to Principal that she is quit cooking for school staffs. Principal questions her why is she doing it out of the blue? Staffs are suffering a lot. He shares Hema’s matter to him. Bharathi is insulting Kannamma in indirect way. Bharathi is adamant to take Transfer certificate from school. Kannamma insults Bharathi in indirect way. Principal is thinking what’s going on there. Kannamma advises Principal and leaves from there.

Episodes end.

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