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Bharathi kannamma 4th September 2021 Written Update: Soundarya questions Kannamma

भारती कन्नम्मा १० अप्रैल २०२१ लिखित अपडेट: सौंदर्या भावुक महसूस करती हैं
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Bharathi kannamma 4th September 2021 Written Update: Soundarya questions Kannamma: Bharathi kannamma The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama.

Bharathi kannamma 4th September 2021 Written Update

Soundarya notices Bharathi is staring at Kannamma. Soundarya questions Kannamma how is her business going on? Kannamma answers her it’s going well. Bharathi questions Venba Is she closed the door well? Is she checked well Gas is on or not? Venba tells him she checked everything. Why is he asking this to her? Bharathi tells Venba that she is looking pretty in this sarie to irritate Kannamma. Soundarya and Venu get anger seeing them.

Venba tells Bharathi that he is praising her third time Is she really looking beautiful in this sarie? Bharathi nods to her. Bharathi intentionally says to her that he can praise her many times he asks her to take dhristi when she reaches back home. Many persons eyes are on her. Kannamma gets irritated and leaves from there. Hema says to Lakshmi that no one said to her they are coming here. Lakshmi tells her the same happened with her too. Hema adds that they are celebrating this function for Anjali’s baby. Lakshmi says that she won’t get bored after the baby comes.

Bharathi kannamma 4th September 2021 Written Update

Akhil comes there and questions them what are they doing here? They tell him they are feeling bored here. He gives the ball to them to play with. Akhil starts playing with the kids. Kannamma comes out and starts blabbering while throwing out her frustration. She thinks Soundarya gave all responsibilities to Venba’s hand. After she has done this much wrong thing how come Soundarya trusting this Venba? She notices Hema is playing with Lakshmi. She reminds her moments with Hema.

Kannamma thinks why is she closed with Hema? Hema is stuck with her instead of her mom Venba. Kannamma thinks that she feels some unknown connection with Hema. She doubts may Hema is her twin’s baby. Kannamma thinks that she will question Soundarya today at any cost. Soundarya comes there and asks Akhil to bring her handbag from the car.

Kannamma stands opposite Soundarya and glares at her. Soundarya fears the worst and questions her what’s she doing here? Bhagya allots some work for her inside. Soundarya tells her that their conversation will disturb kids. Kannamma tells her that she only needs 5 minutes to talk with her. Soundarya somehow manages with her and goes inside. Kannamma thinks that why is she behaving like this.

If Hema is Venba’s daughter then her thoughts are wrong. Soundarya comes inside often checking outside. Venu tells her that she is fearing a lot Kannamma. Soundarya says to him that Kannamma is targeting her. Venu tells her if they stand with the crowd may see won’t enquire them. They mingle with the crowd.

Lakshmi comes there. Venu questions her where is her mom? Kannamma comes from behind. He asks her to bring Kannamma here. Bharathi stops Lakshmi and questions her Is she still mentioning her as cooking mom or mom? Lakshmi says to her she will only call her as mom hereafter. Lakshmi calls Kannamma to stand with them but she refuses to go there. Kannamma asks Lakshmi to play outside. She leaves from there. Bharathi says to Venba let’s take selfies together reasoning background is good. Soundarya gets irritated to see it all. They take a selfie together to irritate Kannamma but the whole family gets irritated to see it all.

Bharathi puts his hand around Venba to irritate Kannamma. Someone questions Anjali which baby she needs? Venba tells them that already they have a girl baby so boy babies will bring happiness to them. Akhil gets angry to hear it and questions Soundarya who is she to talk like this? Soundarya tries to control him. Anjali thinks that Venba is intentionally doing this all to create doubt in everyone’s mind that Venba is Bharathi’s wife.

She thinks that she is doing too much. Kannamma leaves from there angrily. Shanmugam follows her behind and says to her Venba is creating problems. He didn’t invite her to this function at all. Kannamma gives cash to him and asks her to buy baby shower function things in this money. He denies it but Kannamma forces him to do it. Bhagya and Soundarya put garland on Anjali.

Bharathi kannamma 4th September 2021 Written Update

Family members are going the rituals to Anjali one by one. Bharathi is often checking Kannamma she is smiling seeing them. When they give a family gift to her Venba joins with them to irritate Kannamma. Soundarya and Venu blessed her. Bhagya helps Anjali to wear bangles. Soundarya thinks why is Kannamma standing alone doesn’t she Anjali’s sister. Venba thinks that soon they are going to a funeral in Anjali.

Soundarya calls Bharathi to apply Turmeric to Anjali. Venba thinks if she does it along with Bharathi they will think Venba is Bharathi’s wife. Anjali wishes to stop this at any cost? Anjali stops Venba and questions Bhagya Is unmarried women allowed to apply turmeric to her? Bhagya questions her who is unmarried here? Anjali says that Venba is still unmarried. Kannamma gets shocked to hear it. Bharathi kannamma 4th September 2021 Written Update.

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