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Bharathi kannamma 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update

भारती कन्नम्मा १० अप्रैल २०२१ लिखित अपडेट: सौंदर्या भावुक महसूस करती हैं
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Bharathi kannamma 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Bharathi kannamma Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Bharathi kannamma 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update…..

The episode starts with Bharathi lies to Hema that her mom is not alive. Hema turns to emotional and questions him she can’t able to see her mom life long. Soundarya stares Bharathi in hate filled eyes. Bharathi lies to Hema that he burnt all the things of her mom after she died in order to don’t hurt her. Hema cries hearing it. He adds that Hema don’t have enough maturity to understand it that’s why he didn’t share anything to her yet. She came to know it through passport office. He tells her hereafter Bharathi is her dad and mom. Anjali feels pity for Hema and thinks why is Bharathi behaving like this? He lied to Hema that Kannamma died. Soundarya is also disappointed with him.

Lakshmi is reading her book Kannamma is hearing it while stitching. Tulasi reaches there after finishing her duty. Sumathi also comes there and informs to her that it feels like she met her long days back because of her night shift. Sumathi informs to Kannamma about the new villain in their business. Kannamma feels disappointed to hear it and leaves go dry the clothes. One old woman comes there to meet Kannamma to question them why did’t they put Maavu packets in delivery.

Kannamma feels happy to see a honest customer. Kannamma gives water to her grandma praises her handmade Maavu. She gets Maavu from Sumathi and leaves from there after paying. Lakshmi says to them she has one doubt. Tulasi tells her that they are here to clear her doubt. Lakshmi enquires them why is that grandma mentioned Kannamma will live for 100 years. Tulasi explains to her what’s it mean. Soundarya says to Bharathi that she knew well he is a doctor but she learnt today he is a best actor too. Bharathi complaints that she is also actress that’s why she is supporting Kannamma leaving her son behind. Soundarya tells him that she lied to unite a husband and wife but she cheated Hema by saying Kannamma died.

Bharathi questions her what else he will do then? He don’t wanna give fake hope to Hema how can he able to accept them mentioning kannamma as her mom. Soundarya says that how could he lie Kannamma died without wetness in his heart. She adds that he changed a lot he is not behaving like a normal Bharathi. He says that they made him like this. Soundarya questions him Is he decided to leave from America.

Bharathi complaints to Soundarya that today she said to Hema that her mom name is Kannamma. May she say to her tomorrow Kannamma gave birth to her. Soundarya thinks that’s the truth. Bharathi tells her he already take the decision to leave or else they will try to separate Hema from him. Soundarya complaints that she is talking about Hema. Hema got fever when she heard this news. She asks him to don’t take her from here she will change Hema heart soon. Bharathi deny it reasoning Hema will forget everything soon if she go to America.

Anjali meet the doctor. She asks her to bring her husband inside she wanna talk with him. Anjali asks her to share everything with her. Doctor says to her that Anjali heart is very week. She will fall week after baby growing. Her chest pain will increase stage by stage. Her life is in danger. It’s best to abort her baby. Anjali gets shock to hear it.

Episode end.

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