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Bharathi kannamma 8th September 2021 Written Update

भारती कन्नम्मा १० अप्रैल २०२१ लिखित अपडेट: सौंदर्या भावुक महसूस करती हैं
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Bharathi kannamma 8th September 2021 Written Update: Bharathi kannamma The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama.

Bharathi kannamma 8th September 2021 Written Update

Bharathi glares at Kannamma. Venba can’t able to see Kannamma is sitting close to Bharathi. Kannamma thinks that Venba pretends like Bharathi’s wife and irritated her to the core. Today she gonna take revenge on her for that in the same way she has done. Kannamma intentionally sits close to Bharathi and pretends to apologize to Bharathi to irritate Venba. Venba glares Kannamma. Kannamma smiles a lot seeing Venba. Bhagya and Shanmugam come there and notices Kannamma and Bharathi are sitting together.

Bhagya tells him let’s invite both sons-in-law for a treat next year it seems. Shanmugam says to her if it happens he will buy anything for her. They starts serve to all. Kannamma trying to stick close with Bharathi and pretends like feeding to Lakshmi to irritate Venba. Venba can’t able to tolerate the way Kannamma sitting close to Bharathi.

Bharathi kannamma 8th September 2021 Written Update

Kannamma keeps irritating Venba while showing her tongue to her. Venba crushes the pappad in anger. Anjali notices it too. Bharathi is washing his hand Shanmugam asks Kannamma to give the towel to Bharathi and leaves. Soundarya pushes Kannamma on Bharathi and leaves. Venba and Shanthi notice this all. Bharathi glares at Kannamma she tells him that Soundarya asked her to give it to him.

Bharathi tells her its truth that he didn’t marry Venba. But there is no guarantee he won’t marry her again. He says to her in a warning tone don’t ever think his wife’s place is vacant so she can sit there again. He won’t allow her to come into his life again. Kannamma glares at him. Shanthi says to Venba that everyone used to think Venba is Bharathi’s wife. That feeling gave happiness to her but today everything went in vain. Everyone badmouthed on her and insulted her badly. Soundarya’s happiness having no bounds seeing her getting insulted in front of all.

Shanthi says to Venba that Kannamma was shocked to hear that truth. Now she lost the chance in front of that Kannamma. Venba tells her let’s talk about it in-house. Shanthi provokes her by saying she was insulted in front of all. Even she can’t able to tolerate it then how come she is staying silent. Venba tells her let’s take revenge on them but here Soundarya didn’t do anything yet. Anjali opened her mouth in front of all. Venba wishes to create any problems for Anjali by insulting her.

Venba meets Anjali and questions her Is she taking medicine on time? Anjali tells her that she is feeling her chest aching more when she is taking that medicine. She questions her shall she use another medicine? Venba lies to her that Bharathi prescribed that medicine for her. How could she think Bharathi will suggest the wrong medicine? Venba asks her to take a double dose hereafter.

Venba pretends like advising to her and leaves. Kannamma is searching for Soundarya and Venu all over the place. Shanmugam comes there and questions her why did she call auto now? Why doesn’t she stay here with him for 2 days? Kannamma tells him that she will come here another one day. She enquires to him about Soundarya. He informs him that Soundarya already left from there. Kannamma gets shocked to hear it. Shanmugam asks her to Contact Soundarya by phone if she needs to. Shanmugam sends off her. Kannamma is patting Lakshmi. She reminds her conversation with Soundarya.

Kannamma thinks what happened to her other daughter? She thinks that only two people gave bad time to her one is Bharathi and another one is Venba. Venba won’t separate only one daughter from her. If Baby is with her then she would have threatened her in baby’s name. Even she slapped her many times. Kannamma doubts how will she look like? Lakshmi blabbers Hema’s name in sleep.

Kannamma thinks that she is attached to Hema a lot. Whenever she is thinking about her other daughter only Hema’s face flashing on her mind. Is god alerting her indirectly? Venba thinking about the insult she faced in the function. She can’t able to tolerate the pain where Kannamma sat close to Bharathi. Venba thinks that she lost her prestige and a good name in society.

Bharathi is ready to mention Kannamma as his wife in front of all but not considering her as his wife. How many times she proposed to him but he is showing his stone heart to her. He is also getting aged like her but still, she is waiting for him. She says that she is a bad person but her love for Bharathi is true. She adds that she killed Hema and tried to kill Kannamma too. It’s better to die than waiting for Bharathi like this. He won’t love her anymore. She points a gun at her head but Bharathi snatches the gun from her.

Bharathi kannamma 8th September 2021 Written Update

He lashes out at her. Venba hugs him and cries. Bharathi asks her to say what’s bothering her? She says to him that the guest insulted her a lot. She complaints to him that she pretended like his wife in the police station but she faced too much insult at the function. She can’t able to face more insults. Bharathi tells her that he didn’t expect this much to happen there. He questions her why did she had come there. Venba questions him Is he trying to blame him? Why didn’t he supported her in that place? Bharathi apologizes to him.

Venba says to him that his family used to insult her always. He only deserved that Kannamma who betrayed him. He doesn’t deserve Venba who thinking about him always. Bharathi assures her that he won’t go behind that Kannamma anymore. He asks her to cancel the license of the gun and leaves. Venba thinks that she decided to die but he saved her. She laughs evil. Bharathi kannamma 8th September 2021 Written Update.

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