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Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 14th June 2021 Written Update

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Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 14th June 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Soundarya family reaches back to home. Venu tells them wherever they roam around they will never get the satisfaction of staying in home. Soundarya questions Akhil where is Bharathi doesn’t he followed their car? Akhil informs to her may Hema asked him to buy anything for her. Soundarya asks Anjali to take rest don’t do any work here. Let’s call Mallika back if she don’t come then let’s order in hotel.

Bharathi and Hema reaches there. Soundarya meets her happily. Bharathi checks Soundarya’s report and tells her nothing is there to worry in it. Doctor mentioned that excess happiness and sadness made her faint. He asks her to be careful and leaves from there. Hema tells to Soundarya that Bharathi decided to transfer Hema to America. He is always mentioning about it. Soundarya thinks that he don’t wanna see them it seems.

Hema fears the worst. Soundarya assures to her she will talk with him. Hema leaves from there. Venu complaints that they tried to unite Kannamma with him through Hema but he is trying to separate Hema from them. Soundarya wishes to talk with Bharathi about it and takes Venu to his room.

Soundarya and Venu notices Bharathi is talking with someone to arrange the passport soon. Soundarya snatches the phone from Bharathi and questions him. What’s the need of it now? Is he gonna take Hema to America will she allow him to do it? He can’t take her far from here with a paper. Bharathi questions her what’s their problem in it doesn’t he cleared with them he wanna leave. Why don’t they allow him to live happily?

Soundarya tells him who will think about his well then them. Bharathi complaints that Soundarya made him take this decision. She is supporting the person whom destroyed his life. Hema attached to Kannamma. He can’t able to see Hema being close with that Kannamma. Soundarya the one planned this all to unite Kannamma with him through Hema. Bharathi tells her if he stays here then that Kannamma will separate Hema from Bharathi. Only Hema is remain in his life so don’t stop him.

Soundarya questions Bharathi What rights he has to take Hema from her? Does he know who is Hema’s real parents? Doesn’t she gave Hema to him when she was bored and ask him to Upbring her? Why did he forget everything? If Hema is daughter of him then she is grand daughter of her.

Soundarya tells him that he has all facilities and relations are here then why did he trying to leave from here? Bharathi complaints he has no peace here. Soundarya says to him if he can’t able to find the peace in heart then he can’t able to find it in America too. Bharathi is adamant in his decision and leaves.

Kumar dropped Kannamma in school. Kannamma questions Lakshmi why is she sitting here alone? She informs to her meeting is over. Kannamma goes inside to collect the money. Bharathi drops Hema there and goes to meet Principal.

Hema notices Lakshmi there. Hema informs to her that her dad went to meet principal. Lakshmi enquires her what’s bothering her? She lies as nothing. Hema questions her what’s bothering her? She thinks that Kannamma Quit cooking hereafter Hema can’t able to eat mom’s handmade food. Hema says her parents are selfish. Bharathi gonna take her TC from here. She don’t like to leave from here because her all favorite person are here.

Kannamma comes there Hema hugs her and cries. Kannamma enquires her what happened? Lakshmi informs to her what happened? Kannamma consoles her. Hema shares her grief with her. Kannamma thinks that Bharathi always like this never giving respect to anyone feelings. Kannamma thinks why is he trying to transfer her from this school? Bharathi notices Hema is hugging Kannamma there and gets angry.

Episode end.

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